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Simplify deployment handle interface

Improve readability of PgpSignatoryFactory.getPropertySafely()

Wire build gate into Play runner classes

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Explicit clean up before performance test measurements (#2640)

Previously we were using a workaround where odd runs were removed from measurements, and executed a `clean` build instead of the measured build.

Performance tests can now specify `cleanTasks`, similar to how they specify `tasksToRun`. These `cleanTasks` will be executed before each run (warm-up and measurement runs alike).

A new column is added to performance test tables to track this new information. It is a nullable column to allow for test results added by older versions of Gradle.

I've updated the task output caching tests and the Maven vs. Gradle comparisons to declare `cleanTasks` instead of the old hack with the odd-even runs.

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Limit test to tooling API versions 2.5+

This needs the progress listener.

Merge pull request #2590 from gradle/sg/play/pending

Notify deployments when pending changes are detected

Accept regression in 4.1.x

Fix other tests that did not expect targetSize for local cache

Merge pull request #2648 from gradle/sg/build-cache/config

Add local build cache's target size to configuration for build scans

Move cross-version test to correct folder

Restore trigger for build-cache-deactivated builds

Fix flaky behavior of GroupedOutputFixture with embedded builds

The start of an embedded build (GraldeBuild task) can also mark the end

of a task output logging group.

Change test to run two successive builds using the GradleBuild task

This test was endangered to be flaky. Running two builds in a row,

there is never a guarantee that they will run on the same daemon.

Allow multi-version integration tests to set org.gradle.integtest.versions

This behaves similarly to TAPI tests that allow you to select a particular version

to test with. This is an existing system property that was only used by


Previously, you had to choose "latest" (which is the last element in the possible versions)

or "all" (which would test all versions) with org.gradle.integtest.multiversion.

For Play tests, I want to be able to test a single version.

Simplify Play apps to not rely on templates provided by Play

- Different Play versions have different templates

- We only need to show a simple message

Add local build cache's target size to configuration for build scans

Avoid duplicate read attempts for missing script plugins

Completely remove runsupport methods from Play

Test proxy authentication for settings script plugins

Merge pull request #2600 from gradle/dd/url-cache

With this change, any apply from script specified with a http or https URL will be cached.

This means that:

- The URL will not be loaded more than once per build invocation

- The URL resource will be available if run with --offline

Note that the caching timeout is a single build invocation, and is not yet configurable.

Remove unneccessary duplicate service declaration

Fixed javadoc comment

Test that `--offline` prevents server requests

PlayRun can access build gate

Wire build gate into build request context

Polish integration test

- Removed spurious timestamp from test file names

- Removed spurious setting of file encoding (this makes tests hard to debug)

Add dummy reload listener for the play app

Initialize http proxy settings on first use

By deferring this initialization, we avoid doing work when not required

and ensure that the system properties are set on the process before

being read.

Add coverage for http proxy with script plugins

- Proxy authentication via system properties does not yet work

Update javadocs for DeploymentRegistry