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Increase timeouts for performance test coordinators

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    • +4
Allow performance baselines in branches to be set to empty (defaults)

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    • +1
Set Android home for soak tests

:benchmark stops spawned isolated daemons after each benchmark

Fix string concatenation

Fix test task for soak tests

Deactivate fail on change id comparison failure in performance tests

If the change id changes because the TC config is updated, we might

end up with different ids here for the same commit. This is not an

issue since the commits are the same.

Make sure we stop included builds even when the outer build fails

Stop included build controllers at the end of the outermost build

Fix order of arguments in performance tests

Bump wrapper to latest nightly

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    • +2
Remove test exclusions

We need to revisit which exclusions can be make sense.

Remove embeddedDaemon test tasks as this executor does not exist anymore

Add more information to assertion failure

- Add logFile path to assertion

- Add line that we failed to parse

Reinstate DependencyHandler.kotlinModule(..) as @Deprecated

Until we upgrade our wrappers with a new distro

Prefer jcenter() where gradleScriptKotlin() is not needed

Introduce PluginDependenciesSpec.kotlin(..) to use Gradle Kotlin Plugins

Rename DependencyHandler.kotlinModule(..) to simply kotlin(..)

Final polish of #2172 + adding Bo Zhang as contributor to release notes

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    • +3
Merge pull request #2172 from blindpirate/cmd-override-script

Let --tests option override test.include and test.exclude

Fix distributions artifact rule for colony compatibility build

Fix Gradleception build steps

Ignore IDEA files of TC config project

Use runtime GSK version in `embedded-kotlin` plugin

Remove build scan init from Colony Comp build

We do not have that script in the other repository.

Shorter plugin ids

Add descriptions to test configurations

    • -3
    • +91
Fix artefact rules for distribution and stage builds #2

Fix artefact rules for distribution and stage builds

Introduce `kotlin-dsl` plugin

adds gradleScriptKotlinApi() dependency

applies gsk kotlin compiler plugin to production code