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Move `reporting` sources to `src/main/java`

No Groovy sources left.

  1. … 32 more files in changeset.
Move `publish` sources to `src/main/java`

No Groovy sources left.

  1. … 11 more files in changeset.
Move `base-services-groovy` sources to `src/main/java`

There are no Groovy sources there.

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Move `antlr` main source to `src/main/java`

There are no Groovy sources left.

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Convert codeQuality plugins and extensions to Java

Leaving only tasks in Groovy

+review REVIEW-5933

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Remove unnecessary Javadoc warning suppression

This file has been moved to the logging project some time ago

Rename `src/main/groovy` to `src/main/java` in `scala` project.

+review REVIEW-5940

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Convert `scala` classes to Java

+review REVIEW-5940

Convert `PgpKeyId` to Java

Add custom task for verifying section IDs.

This replaces the `doLast` action that was operating on the single page HTML.

The new task checks for both sections without IDs and duplicate IDs.

Add missing `@Override` annotations

Fixed int test to ignore tooling api deprecation warning.

Revert "Support polymorphic creation of ModelSet<T> elements"

This reverts commit 0d39dc353a702adc9ed070b491a720ce9805e6de.

This reverts PR#625

Temporarily ignored test case pending a fix.

Support polymorphic creation of ModelSet<T> elements

PR #625

Various tidy up to runtime shading for gradleApi() etc.

- Use the term “runtime shading” instead of “impldeps“ to identify this concept (while it's less descriptive, it's less weird)

- Reduce visibility where possible of classes involved in generating shaded JARs

- Move the relocated classes in `org.gradle.internal.impldep`

+review REVIEW-5867

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Changed `ModelResult.getValue()` and `getFailure()` so that they throw/return the original failure, rather than wrapping it one or two times.

Attach the caller's stacktrace to these exceptions in the same way that is used for the exceptions thrown by the various long running operations.

Added some coverage for `GradleConnection` when using an unsupported or deprecated Gradle version.

Moved test class to a different package.

Mention deprecation of tooling api client support for Gradle versions 1.1 and older.

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Updated Gradle 3.0 spec.

Issue a deprecation warning when using the tooling API to run a build using Gradle 1.1 or older. This will be changed to an error in Gradle 3.0.

Add integration coverage for using Play with IDEA

- Extract test fixtures from :ide for use in :idePlay

- Verify that all Play sources are sourceFolders

- Verify that Java version and Scala version match PlayPlatform

Don't use configure-on-demand when building composite context

This fixes composite build so that it works properly with

`--configure-on-demand`, in a build where the group/name attributes

require full project evaluation to be properly configured.

Fix existing 'idea' plugin work with ScalaLanguagePlugin

We mostly treat the ScalaLanguagePlugin in the same way as the existing


This doesn't allow you to apply the scala-lang plugin and get a

working IDEA project. We only check that the idea plugin does not

explode when you have only the scala-lang plugin applied.

Updates to daemon low heap detection design doc

Rename PlayIdeaRules to PlayIdeaPlugin

Convert `scala` project to static Groovy

`AntScalaCompiler` has been converted to Java. The other Groovy classes

(`ScalaBasePlugin`, `ScalaPlugin` and `AntScalaDoc`) are non-internal,

so they are left as Groovy files, but they are already converted to

Java. `@CompileStatic` is enabled for each of them.

+review REVIEW-5940

Add 'play-ide' plugin

Change periodiccheckinterval property name to healthcheckinterval