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Hide and restart build timer between continuous builds

Detect when a build started in build status renderer by checking

for the root operation id (extracted constant to OperationIdentifier)

Track when we're between root build phases and hide the timer by

adjusting the build status formatter depending on whether the timer

should be enabled.

Issue: #2068

Show waiting state between builds using continuous build

Leverage RootBuildOperationListener to notify progress logging

about the end of a build in a session instead of

BuildListener.buildFinished(). BuildProgressLogger logs a waiting


Issue: #2068

Add functional test coverage for build status display

Convert ExecOutput test to use test fixture

Merge branch 'release' of into wl-log-grouping-spec

Fix problem when progress bar is updated between tasks

Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/dl-issue-2009' into release

* origin/dl-issue-2009:

Another round of code review fix

Fix checkstyle

Address more comments

Improve testing

Address code review comments

Capture the exec logs under the right build operation

Make build scope ToolingModelBuilderRegistry service created by :core

Instead of :ide by introducing

BuildScopeToolingModelBuilderRegistryAction services contributed by

other modules and making :ide use that extension point to register its

tooling model builders.

Split parsing logic into testable fixture

Merge branch 'release'

Bump ci-health plugin versions to v0.34

Update build scan plugin to 1.7.3

Update build scan plugin to 1.7.3

Make build cache key log message consistent

Make build cache key log message consistent

Another round of code review fix

Bind lifecycle of level and OutputEventListener in ConfigureLogging rule

This is a followup to 8fd0c8bd1f72a1ce2513efce354c34ecbc5d7e04 to

attempt at fixing flakiness issue due to MemoryManager debug messages

emitted to a test listener only interested in >info messages.

The ConfigureLogging rule constructor now accepts a LogLevel to prevent

a race condition where logging level is set later, e.g. by a

@Before/setup method or directly in a test, possibly calling the

OutputEventListener with unwanted events.

Fix Gradle's buildSrc tests that rely on calling execute() on a task

Prevent multiple build operation notification listeners.

The notification bridge has to do some work to translate from raw operation events to notifications.

Therefore, each listener introduces overhead.

We could use a broadcaster to get around this, but that incurs performance penalties in reflection and serialization that is unnecessary to pay for this case.

Include parent operation IDs in notifications.

The parent ID of a notification is the ID of the nearest operation that

also resulted in a notification.

Recompile everything whenever jars are reordered

This bugfix makes sure that we recompile everything whenever order of classpath changed, or mutation of the classpath was detected. The reason

is that the order on classpath matters, because a class can be provided in different jars, with a different ABI. For now, we

don't track precisely, when a class is compiled, _from which jar_ is used to be compiled against. This means that if the order

changes, we cannot determine precisely what needs to be recompiled. Considering that re-ordering, or additions/removals on

classpath should not be frequent (updates are still incremental), we recompile everything.

Pull test up in the hierarchy, to test both class directories and jars

Renamed a class.

Removed now pointless intermediate object.

Generate less garbage while collecting the results of traversing the dependency graph. Specifically, snapshot each `ArtifactSet` prior to adding it to the id -> `ArtifactSet` map in the results, instead of collecting the original `ArtifactSet` instances in a temporary map and then later making a copy containing the snapshots.

Retain less stuff in the resolution results for a `Configuration`. Specifically, don't keep a set of the ids of the `ArtifactSet` instances in the result that may potentially be buildable (which is often all or most of them), instead wrap only those whose task dependencies should be ignored (which is often none).

Retain less stuff in the resolution results for a `Configuration`. Specifically, don't retain both the original `ArtifactSet` and the snapshot `ArtifactSet` created from it. The original is intended to be discarded once the snapshot is available.

Fix tests for changed build operations for :buildSrc

Identify the target of scripts/plugins to build scans.

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Fixed issue where each dependency graph node was included twice in the old dependency resolution results written to file.