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Add backwards compatibility check

Check that we don't break custom tasks that use the inputs.dir, inputs.files or inputs.file

These depend on leaked internal types

+review REVIEW-6403

Simplify the decorator tests

+review REVIEW-6404

Clean-up test

+review REVIEW-6404

Add TODO about error handling in HttpBuildCache

+review REVIEW-6404

Make sure exceptions are propagated from BuildCache implementations

- Some of the decorators were eating exceptions instead of propagating them

- LenientBuildCacheDecorator is the only decorator that hides BuildCacheExceptions

- BuildCacheEntryReader/Writer do not throw checked IOExceptions now

- This makes the BuildCache implementation easier since they can allow the

exceptions propagate as RuntimeExceptions

Added `Configuration.outgoing` to allow some fine tuning of the consumable parts of a `Configuration`. Allows one or more outgoing variants to be declared each with their own set of artifacts. These aren't used anywhere yet.

Some changes to type signatures to avoid casting things when converting a set of configurations into resolution metadata.

Decorate BuildCache with error logger

Make BuildCacheException a GradleException

Temporarily ignore test as it seems to pollute the `.m2` cache

Add some documentation for BuildCacheExceptions

Rename field

TeamCity change in 'Gradle :: Branches :: Checkpoints' project: triggers of 'Stage 2 - Linux Basic Coverage' build configuration were updated


Touch up spec to reflect reality

Renamed fields to better express intention

Investigate compileTestFixturesGroovy

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Improve error messages in case of ambiguous matches

This commit adds the target component name in the error message, making it clearer where the problem is.

Set default values for fields as described in Jacoco docs

Move types back to `org.gradle.api.internal.tasks`

We moved some types to `org.gradle.api.internal.tasks` and it broke binary compatibility, because they leaked through to public APIs.

+review REVIEW-6403

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Renamed property

Add some unit tests

Fix code after rebasing.

Introduce BuildCacheException for BuildCache

- BuildCacheExceptions are considered non-fatal.

- When Gradle receives a BuildCacheException when retrieving something from the cache,

it will execute a task as normal.

- When Gradle receives a BuildCacheException when storing something into the cache, it

will log a failure, but allow the build to succeed.

- When Gradle receives any other kind of exception, the build will fail.

Rename of method

Use strong typing for enums

Fix test case

Rules can be checked even if all report formats are disabled

Fix incorrect deprecation message

Rename `apiCompile` to `apiElements`

to match the `runtimeElements` configuration name.

TeamCity change in 'Gradle :: Branches :: Checkpoints' project: triggers of 'Stage 2 - Linux Basic Coverage' build configuration were updated