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Revert "Upgrade to the latest version of HttpClient"

This reverts commit 98f2862403a0ad28380e238c533af2d85a211bfc.

Update spec for 'discovered inputs', which has been deferred

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Upgrade to the latest version of HttpClient

This is an attempt to resolve issues reported against 2.11 RC

Remove unnecessary modifiers

Use collection factories to take advantage of type inference

Change spec to reflect ModelBuilder support

Moved some completed stories to 'done' spec

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Move methods closer to usage

Remove unused parameters

Renamed `SourceIncludes` -> `IncludeDirectives`

+review REVIEW-5687

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Refactored for clarity: resolving headers for C sources

- Use a buildable result rather than passing around collections

- Use the term 'discoveredInputs' in place of 'candidates'

+review REVIEW-5687

Update composite build spec to latest API changes

Capture inability to customise JUnit version per binary

Leaving `@Ignore`d test case for future reference.

Attempt to re-enable Windows test now that working directory is set

Story: gradle/langos#153

Deduplicate JDK if one of the declared JDKs happens to be the one that Gradle uses

Story: gradle/langos#153

Test applying rules to each child element with given type

+review REVIEW-5808

Fix tests

+review REVIEW-5808

Fail if `@Path` and `@Each` are used together

+review REVIEW-5808

Fail when wrong rule parameter is annotated with `@Each`

+review REVIEW-5808

Refactor `JavaInstallationProbe` to make sure it returns correct metadata for real JVMs.

Story: gradle/langos#153

Migrate `JavaInstallationProbe` to build scope services so that caching is involved in a multi-project build

Story: gradle/langos#153

Improve heuristics to determine JDK name, vendor and version.

This commit also introduces a cache of probed results, even if in theory, the way the rules are written imply that a JDK is probed only once. There is, however, a chance that a plugin author triggers probing too.

Story: gradle/langos#153

Introduce data only model report

Story: gradle/langos#153

Return a "source includes resolution result" instead of accumulating include file candidates

+review REVIEW-5687

Remove extra methods on FileCollectionSnapshot

- Reword doc on MinimalFileSetSnapshotter

+review REVIEW-5687

Fix test on MacOSX

- JDK WatchService is a polling implementation on MacOSX and

behaves in a different way than Linux and Windows WatchService


+review REVIEW-5709

Fix test failure on MacOSX

- make test build execution take at least 3 seconds on MacOSX

+review REVIEW-5709

Support for testing multiple VS installs

+review REVIEW-5794

Add support for inspecting results of multiple build executions

+review REVIEW-5709

Temporarily disable test on Windows

+review REVIEW-5803