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Collection mutation rule specifies input taking mutation rule for particular model element

+review REVIEW-5353

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Fixed tooling api tests for new implicit task

Realize the task container on demand.

+review REVIEW-5335

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User guide sample fixes

Removed unused import.

Merge branch 'release'


Mentioned some new stuff in the release notes

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Added some open issues

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Added some stuff to the backlog.

Added a basic model report. Just shows the node paths and nothing else.

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Allow the root node of the model to be realized.

Change task placeholders from being completely opaque actions to deferred task definitions.

+review REVIEW-5335

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Use a consistent pattern to applying plugins from plugins

Fixed dependency declaration

Temporarily disabling play Multiproject run distribution test

Changing play distribution plugin to not be usable outside of the "play" plugin.

+review REVIEW-5324

Minor refactor for clarity

+review REVIEW-5272

MethodModelRuleDescriptor doesn't need to be a parametrized type

+review REVIEW-5335

Allow annotation processors to be run against groovy stubs during a joint compile

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Add open issue about replacing weak reference based caching with proactive eviction.

+review REVIEW-5335

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Missed class.

+review REVIEW-5350

Liberate some model registry test support from DefaultModelRegistryTest.

Includes some new/renamed API on ModelRegistry.

+review REVIEW-5350

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Revert "Make logback config files accessible to tooling provider."

This reverts commit f4664bc6c1b7c0590a8a006db93c8dd100d3352a.

Revert "Refined resources access allowing to configure logging during toolingApi provider bootstrap."

This reverts commit 6b17a8a5a6a6b67b8df8629628b12af182d79845.

Fixing typo in RoutesCompiler

+review REVIEW-5272

Refactoring/cleanup of Play distribution story

- Changed distribution to use new "playRun" configuration instead of binary.getClasspath()

- Removed version from distribution zip and explicitly set archiveName

- Wired stage and dist tasks more tightly

- Split up and refactored createDistributionTasks method in plugin rules class

+review REVIEW-5324

Merge branch 'release' into 'master'

Ignore test that breaks when reverting Tooling API changes

Removing unused parameter

+review REVIEW-5324