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Only warn about missing build scan plugin once.

Previously, we would warn for each nested build.

Change the sysprop from `org.gradle.operations.internal.trace` to `org.gradle.internal.operations.trace`.

Change the sysprop from `org.gradle.operation.trace` to `org.gradle.internal.trace`.

Reworked the collection of file dependencies during dependency graph traversal, so that the files from these dependencies are ordered the same way as other kinds of dependencies, rather than always ordering these files at the start of the result.

Update documentation

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Fix flakiness in build cache clean-up test

Document new unexpected behavior due to logging changes

Move some composite build services from build session scope to execution scope

- This allows continuous build to work with composite builds

Wire Execution scope services into other scopes

Extract standalone Kotlin compiler plugin module

So it can be used on plugin projects (`buildSrc` and otherwise).

See #366

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Increase log polling frequency

Add release notes for tracking task action implementation

+review REVIEW-6534

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Introduce a ExecutionScopeServices between BuildSession and Build scopes

- This isn't wired into anything, so no services actually work yet.

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Remove special handling for nested builds for continuous build

- We now detect changes to buildSrc, nested GradleBuild tasks and composites

- Composite builds don't work yet because the included build's tasks are not executed

- Removed warnings about using composite build and continuous build

Optimize serialization of empty logging operation ids

This reserves 0 as a special operation id value and changes all

construction of OperationIdentifiers to avoid a 0 value. This

allows for compact serialization of progress and build operation

ids because we can serialize a 0 value and deserialize as empty.

Do not use paragraph references in user guide

Fix 'BUILD FAILED' message not displaying at warn or quiet log levels (#2046)

* Fix 'BUILD FAILED' message not displaying at warn or quiet log levels

* Clean up code per code review

Polish documentation for @Output{Files,Directories}

+review REVIEW-6535

Capture the exec logs under the right build operation

Merge pull request #2049 from gradle/so-faster-logging

Make logging faster

Fix depMngmnt.adoc conversion problems

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Avoid notifying lock waiters when we roll back locks

Fix content hash being added on non instantiable classes

Remove logging statements for overlaping inputs/outputs/destroyables

These logging statements don't provide a lot of value and can be very

verbose in the scenario where we have lots of task workers looking for

tasks and lots of tasks blocked by other running tasks.

Use content hash where available to track task actions in build script

This way we lose the original name of the class, but we have a consistent hash to use regardless of the Gradle user home location.

+review REVIEW-6534

Use a String for script content hashes

+review REVIEW-6534

Convert dependency management user guide chapter to Asciidoc

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Implement a content hash for remapped build scripts

This commit adds a `getContentHash` method on classes which have been rewritten by our remapping build script compiler. This

content hash gives access to a hash of the original class, before it has been remapped. The hash is provided as a lazy `HashValue`.

The value of the hash is stored into the class as a static field, in hex format (to simplify the implementation) and is returned

lazily as a `HashValue`, but the generated `HashValue` is not cached (so subsequent calls to `getContentHash` are going to return

a new `HashValue`). This means that if you don't look at the hash value, there's no overhead to adding the content hash, but there

is at reading it.

Remove checks for @destroys logging output as it's not guaranteed to occur

Update wrappers to latest snapshot distro

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