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Update release notes, user guide and samples to mention/demonstrate composite build support for `plugins { }` block. Add a Kotlin DSL variant of the 'plugins-dev' sample.

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Resolve each plugin id to a local project publication once per consuming build rather than once per reference in a build script

Publish 5.0-20181113000243+0000

Simplify the registration of projects within a composite build, so that the same logic is used regardless of the role that a build plays in a composite rather than being implemented differently for the root build, included build, `buildSrc` and so on.

Sort swift toolchains in reverse order

Merge pull request #7702 from gradle/wolfs/xforms/workspace-services

Move short-circuiting out of transformer invoker

Let `DefaultAsyncIOScopeFactory` be `Closeable` so it's stopped

The Gradle service infrastructure requires services to implement

either `` or `o.g.i.concurrent.Stoppable` for their

proper shutdown.

See [CompositeStoppable#toStoppable](

Polish `org.gradle.kotlin.dsl.concurrent.IO`

- Move interfaces and extensions to dedicated file `IO.kt`

- Extract Gradle service interface

- Improve test synchronization

Centralize and simplify multi-version behavior

- AbstractCompatibilityTestRunner now uses common behavior

- Only "org.gradle.integtest.versions" is used to pass coverage context or versions

- platform build type now uses partial versions

- allVersionsCrossVersionsTest build type now uses all versions

Do not pass whole Configuration around

We only need ResolvableDependencies.

A few renames and code cleanup

Use a single IO thread per build

And let it be managed by Gradle's `ExecutorFactory` service.

See #1202

Add 'buildProfile' subproject

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Remove duplicate 'm' from default Daemon VM args

Extract :buildProfile subproject from :core

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Add tests for samples in Ant migration chapter

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Merge branch 'release'

Update wrapper to latest RC

Signed-off-by: Paul Merlin <>

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Publish 5.0-rc-2

Merge pull request #7689 from gradle/wolfs/remove-unused-tagging-scripts

Remove unused tagging scripts

Use OpenJDK for Java 11

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Simplify slightly the logic that creates the root build of a build tree. The factory method no longer takes parameters for services that are already provided by the session.

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Update library versions used by build init plugin.

Push some details from `ProjectPublication` down into various subtypes.

Change the IDE metadata publications so that they also extend `ProjectPublication`. These are still registered separately.

Rework `ProjectPublicationRegistry` API so that different kinds of local publications can carry different information.

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Publish 5.0-20181112000030+0000

Fix incorrect percentage display

Allow plugins defined in included builds to be resolved using the `plugins { }` block.

The `plugins { }` block in a build script will now substitute a binary plugin with a plugin that has the requested plugin id and that is defined in an included build using the `java-gradle-plugin` plugin. Does not substitute plugins defined in the root build, or in the consuming included build, or in any source dependency. Does not substitute plugins that are not defined using the `java-gradle-plugin`.

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Publish 5.0-20181111000027+0000

Update tagging plugin to 0.48

This version did publish marker artifacts, so it is not necessary any

more to specify the module the plugin is coming from, the version is