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Fix deprecation warnings in a few more tests

Added new test for broken IdeaWorkspace configuration hooks (ignored) and enabled test for Project and Module configuration hooks

Fix PreviousGradleVersionExecuter so that CrossVersionCompatibilityTest doesn't try to run version 0.9.1 in timezones behind GMT

Updated the docs according to new usage (related to accessing eclipse / idea tasks).

Close the backing directory cache when closing an indexed/state cache.

Start of CDT metadata generation for CPP plugin.

It's not doing much at the moment, just creating a .project file (which works, but is useless without the accompanying .cproject file).

Moved wrapper tasks out of the wrapper project, so that the dependencies of the wrapper project can reflect those that are actually available at runtime (ie nothing). - Fixed cases where classes from core were being used in the wrapper, in some of the error handling code. This code would have blown up at runtime. - Moved the tasks into the plugins project for now. They need a better home at some point.

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Fix to pass path through to the tooling API model for GradleProject.

Simplified logic to decide when to close a cache. Let's see if this fixes the build ...

- Simplified the CacheFactory interface - Fixed the case where a cache is opened with rebuild multiple times in the same build.

Use NOP impls for the lifecycle hooks for xml config objects.

Rationale is that these methods aren't strictly needed, so subclasses shouldn't be forced to impl.

Throw ISE if finding the default resource for a persistable config object fails.

Changed CacheRepository so that indexed and state caches can be created without first creating a directory cache.

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Ignore deprecation warnings in CrossVersionCompatibilityIntegrationTest.canBuildJavaProject

Remove special colour handling for with latest iTerm2 bold fonts render nicely.

Enabled a temporarily disabled test. After recent changes to the cache format some things works slightly differently (e.g. operating on the artifacts from cache using fileCollection.minus or fileCollection.contains), possibly due to symlinks. I'm not sure if this is a problem - will discuss that.

Turn on deprecation checking for integration tests by default: disabled in a few cases - use GradleDistributionExecuter.ignoreDeprecationWarnings() in cases where warnings are still emitted in tests - Ignore idea.ConfigurationHooksTest.triggersBeforeAndWhenConfigurationHooks, since this test fails due to a bug - A few other tests still failing

Removed unused import.

Removed AutoCloseCacheFactory - half merged into DefaultCacheRepository and half merged into DefaultCacheFactory.

Added type parameter to CacheBuilder, as first step to simplifying CacheRepository clients

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Fail ProjectReportsPluginIntegrationTest on deprecation warnings: test currently fails

Added basic integration test for project-report plugin

[ToolingAPI for IDEA] Got rid of the getId() method from the element and its implementations. We decided to lose this method after all.

Tuned javadocs a bit in the tooling api area. Added @since javadoc tags. Removed some fixed TODOs. Tuned the docs a bit.

Enabled coverage for milestone-4 in the tooling api compatibility tests.

Enabled coverage for milestone-4 in the cross version compatibility tests. Pending: same for the tooling api. Improved the exception message with a hint that may help debugging the problem faster next time.

[ToolingAPI for IDEA] Added alias getParent() -> getProject(). This way the api is more tailored to IDEA and is less surprising to the clients.

[ToolingAPI for IDEA] Added alias getChildren() -> getModules(). This way the api is more tailored to IDEA and is less surprising to the clients.

[ToolingAPI for IDEA] Modelled the IdeaLanguageLevel. I tried to have some of the benefits of enums without actually using enums. Improved the model adapter to handle boolean return values (actually all primitive return values). Updated checkstyle rules for method name to something more reasonable (e.g. supporting underscore in the method name if we want it).

Configured some projects not to download sources for idea. The reason is the regression that popped up. If sources are not found idea task fails. We had that exact problem ~2 months so it seems it resurfaced again. Also we need coverage for this problem. I also noticed that idea task is significantly slower (3 mins instead of usual 30 secs). It something we had a problem in past as well and previously it was related to the downloadSources problem (I think:). It feels that it is still better to upgrade the wrapper to milestone-4 even though there a couple of issues to fix.

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