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Changed the C++ plugins so that `Configuration` instances are created and wired up as the convention plugins register components and binaries, rather than assuming that exactly one variant of exactly one component is produced by a project.

This change doesn't add any public mechanism for registering components or binaries, it simply removes some assumptions from the various plugins.

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Added method to `TestUtil` to get hold of an `ObjectFactory` to use in unit tests, rather than recreating a bunch of stuff in the unit test.

Record build operation notifications in the form they are emitted

Replace `BuildOperationRecorder` with thread-safe recording listener

Remove deprecated `GeneratedGradleJarCache` service

It was only kept for compatibility with the previous `kotlin-dsl`


Upgrade gradle-kotlin-dsl {0.10.3 => 0.11.0}

Bump version number {0.11.0 => 0.12.0-SNAPSHOT}

Prepare 0.11.0 release

Take advantage of newly introduced `maven` shortcut

See #256

Fix flakiness in `BuildOperationIdentifierRegistryTest`

Update wrappers to latest snapshot distro

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Add `maven(url)` and `ivy(url)` shortcuts

Resolves #256

Update integTest for making 'Deployment API' internal

Merge pull request #2687 from gradle/rg-build-operation-recorder

Allows a plugin to receive build operation notifications from the start of the build

Add a new `nag` method for better code readability

Also restrict names of source sets

Bump plugins version

Synchronize plugins version with next release (0.11.0)

Cleanup tests

Implement XCTest convention for Swift library and executable (#2766)

Revert "Use static WorkResult objects (#2776)"

This reverts commit c4d529671a4d26a46a4e0cbfa41db96ec90d0671.

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Convert userguide to asciidoc, i to jdepend (#2741)

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Add | as forbidden character

Adjust test which used a task name that is now invalid

Use static WorkResult objects (#2776)

There's no need to create new ones all the time.

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Only validate names for a selected set of domain objects

Merge pull request #2477 from gradle/rbo/release/nonnull

Cover 'core-api' with nullability annotations

Add deprecation warnings for Java 7

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Add deprecation warnings for Java 7

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Add unit test to for project and task name validate