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Add more coverage for Play/IDEA plugin

Make the API classes public for 2.14

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Clarify that `force` attribute is ignored in external modules

Add documentation for new Play ide package

Fix unit test

Add assets as sources too

Register core ToolingModelBuilders once per build invocation

Previously the `ToolingModelBuilderRegistry` was project scoped and

we were creating all of these builders in a `ProjectConfigureAction`

which created them eagerly for every project.

This change introduces a build-scoped registry containing the core

`ToolingModelBuilder` instances, with a per-project registry for

user-defined builders.

I wanted to have the build-scoped registry created in the core project,

and simply register the builders in the ide sub-project. But I haven't yet

found the magic incantation to make the `configure` method work in our

service registry.

Annotate TAPI changes for 2.14 release

- IdeaModuleDependency.dependencyModule is deprecated

- ModuleDependency.gradlePath is incubating

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Strip old versions warning safely.

- This was breaking on windows because the string to match included a

linux-style line-ending character.

Reword template from point of view of requester

Make all features of the spec ignore filehandles.

Require isolated daemons.

+review REVIEW-5945

Add TAPI test coverage

+review REVIEW-5935

Handle `Closure` and `Callable` uniformily

Closure extends Callable so the additional code required to treat them

separately here is unnecessary.

Polish `DefaultFileCollectionResolveContext`

Reuse `GUtil#uncheckedCall`.

Polish `DefaultTaskInputs`

- Remove dead else branch (`Closure` extends `Callable`)

- Fix ternary expression formatting

Polish `PathNotationConverter`

Reuse `GUtil#uncheckedCall`.

Address more review items

+review REVIEW-5935

Revert "Remove need for @LeaksFileHandles"

- This reverts commit 8149658fbf2fcfaddc2fc73d60462fa511d74e16

Release notes for changes to gradleApi() etc. in 2.14.

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Unused import.

Break package cycle.

+review REVIEW-5945

Unignore test.

Restore binary compatibility for task implementations compiled with prior versions that use the logging manager.

Includes an addition to our task binary compatibility test to catch this in the future.


Removed checkstyle suppression that is no longer required

Use supplied `StartParameter` to construct composite build artifacts

Updated Gradle 3.0 spec.

Mentioned breaking change in release notes.

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Fix codenarc

Generate a warning when Gradle is invoked from tooling api clients older than 2.0. This will be turned into an error in Gradle 3.0.