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Rename the internalDistTesting project to distributions.

This is going to be the new home for all the distribution logic.

some adjustments to console output produced by LoggingBuildComparisonListener

added getTaskPath() property to tooling API migration model

renamed test and associated resource folder

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Gradle-2318: some more cleanup: - cleanup versionlister exception handling. - rm unused ComposableVersionList.

Fix merging problems.

Merge commit 'REL_1.1-rc-2'




Add some task groups.

Remove the old ci and commit build tasks.

Only wait for daemons to die when running the daemon tests on the windows ci box.

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Some reformatting.

Minor change to wording.

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- Mark deprecated and experimental properties in the summary table for the type in dsl reference. - Split out some of the rendering code and ported to Java.

GRADLE-2318: rework VersionLister API; - pass versionlister as ctor parameter in externalresourceresolver - remove MavenResolver specific getVersionList implementation - reassign versionlister when MavenResolver#setUseMavenMetadata is set - deprecate MavenResolver#setUseMavenMetadata - MavenVersionLister loads mavenMetadata via repository passed as ctor parameter - ResourceVersionLister loads mavenMetadata via repository passed as ctor parameter - handle exceptions in Resolver, not in VersionLister implementations - instead of passing empty list, throw MissingResourceException when loading mavenMetaData or http directoy listing returns 404 - handle MissingResourceException in ExternalResourceResolver

Added JVM and OS information to the user agent.

Move the build type definitions to the top because they define properties used later on.

Increase the resolution of polling for daemon state changes.

Modified introductory statement

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Don't use verbose logging in the tooling api tests by default.

When using an incoming distribution for testing, base the project version number off of that version number.

There are certain integration tests that compare the project version number with the Gradle under test. This makes those tests pass.

This has made things a bit messy though, once I know it works it will be cleaned up.

Upgraded to commons.HTTPClient v4.2.1 to fix cross-host redirects - Updated HttpRedirectResolveIntegrationTest so that it tests redirect to a different host

Implement this exception class in Java.

Groovy can't deal with the number of constructors of a class changing from compile time to runtime. Java 7 adds a new Exception constructor, so any Exception subclasses written in Groovy don't work when running on < Java 7.

Add a logback configuration to disable anything below WARN during integration tests.

Always run the open-api integ tests in forking mode on Windows.

Don't run any of the performanceTest tasks if we aren't intending to run the performance tests.

Add support for integration testing against an imposed distribution.

Upstream builds will place the -all distribution in /incoming-distributions and this will be used as the intTestImage.

Fix changing of test report paths for CI builds.

Run only the CPP integ tests in forking for the first round of Windows CI builds.

These tests don't work in embedded mode right now.

Fix waiting for daemons to die on Windows.

Disable distribution tests for more build types.