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Worker lease and build operation for the whole build execution

DefaultGradleLauncher now holds a worker lease around the whole build

execution. This will allow for worker lease management at configuration


It now also emits a ‘Run build’ build operation around the whole build

execution. Previously it was only emitted when executing a build through


Added some context to error messages when a user provided compatibility rule or disambiguation rule fails.

Changed the API to define an attribute compatibility rule or attribute disambiguation rule, so that a `Class<T>` is provided rather than an instance of `T`, and instances are created as they are required.

This change means that these rules may be run safely in parallel and the results are cacheable (at least, according to our definition of these things). These things don't happen yet, any more than they used to. This change simply reworks the API so that these things can be applied later.

Replaced `@since 4.0` with `@since 3.6`.

Added `@Incubating`.

Introduce a common supertype for `WorkerConfiguration` and `ArtifactTransformConfiguration` to ensure at least some of the action configuration capabilities are cross-cutting.

Changed the type signature for injected parameters for workers from `Serializable[]` to `Object[]`, as not every parameter necessarily needs to be statically typed as a `Serializable`.

Merge branch 'release'

Some tweaks to build operation display names, for consistency.

Tune links to build scan depending on the context (cli, ...)

+review REVIEW-6465

Remove direct use of PgpSignatory in the Sign task

Conceptually, the signing plugin allows for using multiple signatories

that implement different signing methods. However, in practice the Sign

task always casts the signatory instance returned by Sign.getSignatory()

into a PgpSignatory. This makes it impossible to use a signatory that is

not derived from PgpSignatory.

The Sign task needs to access the PgpSignatory in order to retrieve the

key id which serves as task input value for the signatory property.

This commit fixes this direct dependency by adding the method

getInputValue() to the Signatory interface. This method returns a value

representing the input value of the signatory property. The Sign task

can then use this method for retrieving a value that represents the

signatory property for a specific signatory implementation.

Mark JAR_TYPE as since 3.5

Mark workers since 3.5 and Incubating

Renamed AbstractDaemonCompiler to AbstractWorkerCompiler


- DaemonJavaCompiler to WorkerJavaCompiler (supports both in-process and daemon workers)

- DaemonGroovyCompiler to WorkerGroovyCompiler (support both in-process and daemon workers)

- DaemonScalaCompiler to WorkerDaemonScalaCompiler (daemon workers only)

- DaemonPlayCompiler to WorkerDaemonPlayCompiler (daemon workers only)

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Non-forked Java compilation now uses in-process workers

Simplified AbstractDaemonCompiler and its type hierarchy.

Remove usage of some org.gradle.workers.internal types.

Fix Groovy and Scala compilation handling of failOnError property


Make checkstyle happy

Use equivalent minus() instead of replaceFirst for stripping extension

This was introduced when we converted the DistributionPlugin from Groovy to Java.

This caused projects with "tar" in their name to produce unexpected

distributions. We were replacing a regex ".tar" instead of removing

the extension (like we were doing with the Groovy implementation).

Fixes #1556

Rewrite preamble for release notes

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Enable parallel task execution by default

Enable parallel task execution by default

Revert "Show initialization phase completion in build summary"

This reverts commit 852ae2dd2bad017a749b0d9e6f64196651f8f333.

Remove task outcome summary from 3.5 release

Reverts b4af2dafa08698688bbe250676c8542d4251f966

First attempt at a user guide chapter written in Asciidoctor

First draft of build cache section in release notes

+review REVIEW-6486

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Add @since and @Incubating to new APIs

Improve exception handling for malformed jars


+review REVIEW-6485

Dogfood WorkerExecutor for java/groovy/scala compilation in worker daemons

Plus in-process groovy compilation

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Polish DefaultWorkerProcessFactory

Rename of private method plus some formatting

Remove @ParallelizableTask

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Remove @ParallelizableTask

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