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fix checkstyle

Fix documentation to authentication types

+review REVIEW-5569

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Updates test to use a task not specified on the command line.

+review REVIEW-5580

Normalize authentication package names

+review REVIEW-5569

  1. … 30 more files in changeset.
Move registration of authentication schemes into subprojects

- Introduce AuthenticationSchemeRegistry

- Move new Authentication types to resources-http

+review REVIEW-5569

  1. … 6 more files in changeset.
Adds a test that reproduces the task referencing issue

+review REVIEW-5580

Tweak release notes based on feedback from Hans and Miko

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Updating design spec for reusing compilers across continuous builds

+review REVIEW-5582

Remove broken test for auth container

+review REVIEW-5569

Spelling fix

Mention contribution in release notes

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Move check for duplicate authentication schemes

+review REVIEW-5569

Merge pull request #470 from ebourg/master

Use the correct import for the Sets class (from Guava instead of testng)

Removing now unused multicast port allocator

+review REVIEW-5579

first cut on specifying test methods to run via testlauncher api

- consolidate some error handling tests into one

todo: coverage for failing tests

+review REVIEW-5581

fix crossversion integration tests

Revert "use common TextUtil class in tooling api tests"

This reverts commit 891f5cde572518da3d7c3fea3f6e5208e55e3014.

Adds another test

+ review REVIEW-5580

Adds an initial test for rule based task referencing


fix cross version tests for testlauncher.

-move exception handling coverage into 2.7 TestLauncherCrossVersionSpec

Only check if `ModelMap` has managed element type for properties of managed types

+review REVIEW-5566

Adds a design spec for reliably referencing rule generated tasks.

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Move o.g.deployment to the core project

Notify DeploymentRegistry when a new Gradle build is created

+review REVIEW-5571

Refactoring port allocation to use fixed ranges based on test workers

+review REVIEW-5579

  1. … 8 more files in changeset.
We only need a `Queue` here

+review REVIEW-5566

minor tweak on test execution story to cover behaviour on failing tests

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remove unneeded explicit integtest dependency on baseService

+review REVIEW-5563

fix formatting in spec

use common TextUtil class in tooling api tests

+review REVIEW-5563

Add back more @LeaksFileHandles.