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GRADLE-680 - Switch to use faster PersistentIndexedCache impl.

- Use relative links to javadoc and groovydoc in html userguides. - Cleaned up some floating variables in docs.gradle

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GRADLE-680 - Added an alternate PersistentIndexedCache which is much more performant than DefaultPersistentIndexedCache (not quite ready to switch it over).

Checkstyle fixes

added tests for client and server test control messages

Patch from Mike H. Fixed a bug where execution through the UI would fail intermittently due to socket/threading issue.

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Changed Tagline of website

Fix for wrong build commands to build Gradle. Applied patch from Rene Groeschke.

renamed refork reason "amount of tests executed by fork" to "amount of test cases"

added fork memory low refork reason

implemented exec handle abort shutdown hook action, external processes started by using the exec handle infrastructure are now aborted when the Gradle process is canceled.

added copyright to new shutdown hook classes

added additional information for to determineReforkNeeded in order to provide better logging

Added a shutdown hook infrastructure to perform actions when the Gradle process is being cancelled

Fix for performance problem with resolving dependencies.

- Moved the test stuff from gradle-core to gradle-plugins, to live with the other java stuff.

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- Changed website build to go and build the dist docs - Added 'ciBuild' task to website build

- Fixed dock display name for gradlew

- Extracted camel-case matching out of TaskNameResovingBuildExecuter, and tweaked the algorithm a bit. - Allow camel-case matching on project names provided on the command-line.

- Switched on naming convention checks for codenarc. - Switched on NeedBraces check for checkstyle.

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Some changes to the 'working with files' chapter

Tightened up checkstyle rules: - Check header of groovy files - Check naming convention is followed in java files

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Some updates to performanceTest build script

Merge branch 'master' of

- Moved SourceSet and related types to gradle-plugins to live with the java stuff - Moved Wrapper task to gradle-wrapper to remove runtime cyclic dependency

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Use the Sync task for the 'ide' task.

- updated to new snapshot - reuse CopySpec for binZip in allZip - use Sync task to install, and assemble int test image - use Copy task to assemble docbook stylesheets image

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GRADLE-745 - Added a Sync task. - Renamed a bunch of CopySpecVisitor implementations

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- Split up the o.g.api.internal.file package a bit. - Moved FileSet out of the public api intoo.g.api.internal.file - Removed ExistingDirsFilter.

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Merge branch 'master' of