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Do not attempt to close ClassLoaders involved in tooling api serialization, as it is unnecessary and unsafe:

- ClassLoaders are closed immediately after deserializing an object graph, however the object graph has yet to be traversed and implementations may reference additional classes that require loading.

- ClassLoaders are closed without regard to their use by other threads.

- ClassLoaders in the client JVM may be owned by the application and these must never be closed by the provider.

- All other ClassLoaders use an immutable classpath and are intended to be reused for multiple tooling API requests.


Inlined a class into `PayloadSerializer` now that this code always runs on Java 7 and later.

Renamed method.

Use `CompositeStoppable` to take care of closing `ClassLoader` instances.

Mention daemon cancels build on client disconnect in release notes

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Rely on parallel executer instead of separate test case

Split test into 2 to avoid state leakage

Eclipse resource filters

From buildship eclipse bug report 495799.

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Add .gitignore entries for emacs temporary files

Use default build identity when no root project available

Improved tests for build dependency cycles

- Extracted into separate test case

- Consolidated coverage for graph resolution and artifact building

Moved test factory methods out of production code

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Prevent concurrent execution of an included build

Previously, our dumb cycle detection was preventing concurrent execution

of included builds. Now that this is improved, we need to block build

requests for a build that is current executing.

Combined with the improved cycle detection, this fixes a bug where

execution with `--parallel` could result in a cyclic dependency

failure, when no such cycle exists.

Better reporting for build dependency cycles

- Track source and target for included build executions

- Include full cycle report in failure message

Use build name for `ProjectComponentSelector` instead of identifier

This makes `ProjectComponentSelector` more useful across builds, since it does

not require a BuildIdentifier to be 'localized for the currently executing


Remove check that is no longer required

We now prevent duplicate build names in a composite, meaning that we can

reliably request an included build by name.

Provide correct name for current build id

Merge branch 'release'

Fix meminfo reading on Linux systems.

- Improve calculation of free memory on Linux 3.x where MemAvailable

is not available. Add Linux 3.x tests

- Break MemoryInfo apart into classes using Strategy pattern for

getting available memory depending on OS

- Eliminate unnecessary logic in LowMemoryDaemonExpirationStrategy

+review REVIEW-6218

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Annotate new APIs with `@since`

+review REVIEW-6170

Remove unnecessary sleep in test

No need to sleep when files are being moved.

+review REVIEW-6170

Refactor code for easier readability

- folded some classes into TaskFilePropertyCompareStrategy

- merged and cleaned up tests for compare strategies

- better name for TaskFilePropertyPathSensitivity

+review REVIEW-6170

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Use `BuildIdentity` for `ProjectComponentSelector` too

Fix typo in test

+review REVIEW-6170

Fix relative path handling for root files

When files are added directly to a file collection (as opposed to via a directory), their path should be ignored during normalization.

+review REVIEW-6170

Revert enabling relative inputs for copy tasks

These were making IvyPublishCoordinatesIntegTest fail. We need some more involved logic in copy tasks to fix this.

+review REVIEW-6170

Added `BuildIdentity` service

- Provides the `BuildIdentifier` for the current build

- Used when constructing `ProjectComponentIdentifier` for project

Note that this service is still relying on the `CurrentBuildIdentifier` implementation.