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Fail early in the build when uploadDocs is to be executed and no password has been specified.

Updates for 1.0-milestone-1

Merge branch 'task-group-in-creation-options-map' of

Substitute version into toplevel dist files

Fixed broken int test on windows

Added some trace to see what's going on in broken int test on linux ci build

Fixed ide project generation to include downloaded resources in test classpath

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    • +19
some ie7 fixes for test report

fixed GRADLE-1399: Incorrect contents generated for org.eclipse.wst.common.component file in Eclipse WTP Utility Module projects

added "group" to the set of creation options that can be specified in a map parameter

documented the "description" option in creation options map

replaced EclipseWtpComponent.sourceSets with EclipseWtpComponent.sourceDirs

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    • +2
no longer generating java-output-path property because it has been obsolete ever since WTP 0.7


small refactoring

some ie7 fixes for test report

fixed computation of transitive project dependencies in EclipsePlugin

Some ie fixes for test report.

tiny user guide tweak

Some test report tweaks

rewording of Eclipse task descriptions

further doc improvements

minor doc improvements

fixed typo

slight rewording of Eclipse/IDEA plugin docs

Revised documentation of Eclipse and IDEA plugins.

second shot at GRADLE-1305: IDEA plugin should configure the IDE to generate classes into the default location for the IDE added new configuration option IdeaModule.inheritOutputDirs

Updated to JUnit 4.8.2, TestNG 5.14.10, asm 3.3.1, commons-lang 2.6

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Fixed training links

Changed Gradle Inc -> Gradleware on website