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Clean up leftovers from #4304

Add new systemIncludes property to dsl reference and release notes

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Remove systemIncludes() convenience method

Remove unused systemInclude() method from native compile spec

Avoid creating empty reject selector when no reject constraints exist

Remove confusing label from test

Update pluginManagement documentation to mention global configuration options

Issue: #4920

Signed-off-by: Andrew Potter <>

Update Team City xml project configuration

To let Gradle detect the build script file by explicitly setting the build file name to the empty string.

Fix build

Publish signature files to Ivy repos

Issue: #4943

Add 'rejected' status to `ComponentIdResolveResult`

We now consider all reject constraints when resolving version constraints to a

component identifier. Previously, this knowledge was discarded and we then

re-evaluated the reject constraints to see if the resulting component was indeed


With this change, the `ComponentIdResolveResult` retains the knowledge that a

component that was 'selected' for a version constraint is in fact 'rejected'.

This is done for both dynamic and static version constraints, removing the need

to re-check the reject constraint after selection.

Change exception handling when phased action fails

Exceptions in BuildActions of a PhasedAction are now immediately thrown

and the build imediatelly fails. This makes sure that if an action fails

the remaining steps of the build will not uselessly be executed.

Exceptions are unwrapped in ProviderConnection so the correct

information is sent back to the TAPI client.

This commit also addresses other review comments in the PR:

- Removes unnecessary @since annotations in methods

- Adds a test (ignored for now) making sure that default tasks are not

run when no tasks are specified by the user

Signed-off-by: Lucas Smaira <>

Dogfood ImmutableFileCollection in tests (#4972)

Reduce the number of static factory methods from ImmutableFileCollection

Use layout.fileFor() in a smoke test

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TeamCity change in 'Gradle :: Util :: Performance' project: runners of 'AdHoc Performance Scenario - Linux' build configuration were updated

Support mutating dependency attributes via component metadata rules

This commit allows mutating attributes of module dependencies via component metadata rules.

Even if a published module doesn't declare any attribute on a dependency, it is now possible

to mutate the module metadata so that dependencies have attributes, which would then be used

in dependency resolution.

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Simplify unit test to make it less tied to implementation

Fix typo in distributions-dependencies.gradle.kt

Refactor graph visitors

* Update start parameter type to be the more specific RootGraphNode

* Add unit tests for DependencyLockingArtifactVisitor

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Use PublicationArtifact interface instead of implementation

Issue: #4943

Simplify DefaultMavenPublication

Issue: #4943

Fix typo

Update build scan plugin to 1.13.1

Let init task use -bin distribution when --dsl kotlin

Publish signature files to Maven repo

Issue: #4943

Fail whenever 2 dependencies/constraints disagree on the value of an attribute

This commit adds a sanity check: in case 2 dependencies disagree on the value

of an attribute, we don't know what to choose. We could, in the future, make

use of the compatibility rules to perform a better choice, but for now we just

fail resolution whenever this happens.

Refactorings following review comments

* Rename LockConstraint to DependencyLockingState

* Removed EmptyLockConstraint

* Simplified some nested conditionals

Add signatures to publications

Issue: #4943

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Fix custom report dirs sample and test

Fix custom report dirs sample and test

Fix samples tests in new Java chapters