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Include gsk version in the name of generated jars

So they are regenerated whenever a different gsk version is used.

Clarify data types

+review REVIEW-6197

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Be more specific about types for annotations

+review REVIEW-6197

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Sample download task should have been commented out

Add ability for an Android performance test to customize the `BuildActionExecuter`

This commit allows a conventional build action to call back code in the performance test executor, to tweak the configuration. This is important

for performance tests that may need different JVM settings or system properties than the ones from the command line.

Use '_' instead of ':' in synthetic delegate task name

Fix test

Order of files listed in an input directory is not consistent, we need to sort them to make sure we get the same result every time.

+review REVIEW-6204

Remove GradleConnection API

The GradleConnection API was our first attempt at

implementing composite builds. We have improved on that

in Gradle 3.1, allowing the user to define composite builds

in settings.gradle and giving the user much more control

over how dependency substitution works.

A composite build is a normal Gradle build as far as the

Tooling API is concerned, so the separate concept of

the GradleConnection is no longer needed. We will add

methods for fetching all models from a composite build

to ProjectConnection in Gradle 3.2

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Fix bug introduced in JacocoPlugin

Looks like the code locations have not been

exactly the same.

+review REVIEW-6202


Add a option to the Android perf test runner

Test nested properties as well

+review REVIEW-6204

Removed `EclipseProjectIdentifier`

For the Eclipse model, we assume that the name of an EclipseProject is

sufficient for identification, and that the path of a ProjectDependency

is sufficient to locate the target project.

Based on that assumption, this commit removes the separate identifier

that was added to the eclipse model. It also simplifies the code for

wiring up dependencies in the Eclipse model, removing the need to track

the ProjectComponentIdentifier for each project dependency.

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Stop tracking projectId for IDEA module dependency

For the IDEA model, we assume that the name of a IDEA module is

sufficient for identification. Based on that assumption, this commit

simplifies the code for wiring up dependencies in the IDEA model,

removing the need to track the ProjectComponentIdentifier and project

directory for each module dependency.

Upgrade gradle-script-kotlin {0.3.0 => 0.3.1}

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Fix plural output property naming bug

+review REVIEW-6204

Make buildDists depend on the Android test app zip

Add a sample application for Android performance perf tests

This commit adds the generation of a distribution for Android performance tests. It differs from performance tests in the way to execute tests,

by using a standalone application instead of our performance infrastructure, but the code for synchronizing the model is typically the same.

Check Java 7 requirement earlier in TAPI producer

The requirement was only checked when an actual request was made,

but Gradle would already fail with UnsupportedClassVersionErrors in

the configure method.

Organize imports

Convert test to Spock

+review REVIEW-6115

Simplify test code

+review REVIEW-6115

Support GSTrings in build command arguments

GStrings in eclipse build command arguments lead to deserialization

errors on the Tooling API client, because the client does not have

the Groovy runtime. They GStrings need to be forcefully converted

to Strings on the provider side.

Add support for Play 2.5.x to release notes


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Add new `distribution-type` option to release notes


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Add Vladislav Bauer to release notes

+review REVIEW-6202


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Remove duplicated code in JacocoPlugin (#692)

Increment version to 3.2

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Localize project dependencies that are substituted

When a substitution is performed in composite build, the project id

needs to be contextualized for the currently executing build. This

is now performed at the time of substitution, rather than much later

when were are resolving the id to a component metadata.

Validate names for included builds

- Ensure uniqueness. Rather than validating the projects added for an included build, we validate

the included build name itself.

- Prohibit included build with same name as subproject

+review REVIEW-6193

More test coverage for included builds

- Included build with same name as composing build

- Declared substitutions for same included build

- Remove tests for explicit wiring of task delegate