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fix S3ClientTest after merging pull-request

move MavenSftpRepoResolveIntegrationTest into org.gradle.integtests.resolve.resource.sftp

+review REVIEW-5403

Resolution strategy can check for mutation

Copy of cache policy should not check for mutation

Component selection rules can check its own mutation

Cache policy can check its own mutation

Merge branch 's3-aws-sdk' of git:// into pull-request-407

try fix failing integration test on windows ci

tweak wrapper userguide chapter

tweak release notes about wrapper commandline options

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Merge branch 'gradle-wrapper-cli-version' of git:// into pull-request-400

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    • +20
Serialize across configuration for IsolatedGradleWorkerMain instead of an IsolatedApplicationClassLoaderWorker instance.

Inlined BootstrapClassLoaderWorker into GradleWorkerMain rather than serializing it from the build process.

Changed WorkerFactory contract so that each factory implementation is responsible for serializing whatever stuff it needs to send across to its main class.

Forked GradleWorkerMain into two separate classes, one for 'system classloader strategy' and one for 'isolated classloader strategy'. They don't do anything different yet.

Moved testng dependency from the shared template to those performance test builds that require testng. Also synced the dependencies in the generated Gradle build and Maven build.

Basic infrastructure for supporting separate dependency exclude behavior for dependencies declared in Gradle vs. Ivy vs. Maven.

fix naming of dsl descriptor

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mark class as incubating add basic javadoc

+review REVIEW-5388

make AbstractPublishToMaven abstract

+review REVIEW-5388

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fix MavenPublishPluginTest

+review REVIEW-5388

Don't use repository property in PublishToMavenLocal task

- introduce AbstractPublishtoMaven just containing the publication

- don' let PublishToMavenLocal extends PublishToMavenRepository

+review REVIEW-5361

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Add integ test coverage for maven upload logging on info level

+review REVIEW-5388

Resolve CSS and JS resource urls at most once per TabbedPageRenderer implementation instead of once per rendering.

+review REVIEW-5413

Adds support for region specific s3 endpoints - Adds some documentation around s3 configuration, properties, regions and url formats

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First stab at performance tests for native builds

+review REVIEW-5412

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Use an iterator to process the task queue.

Change this tests to effectively change the length of the build scripts that are reused during the test.

They were being updated, but maintained the same file length and changed too quickly for the timestamp to change.

Make grabbing a task to execute slightly more efficient by popping the take queue from the task by index instead of equality.