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minor code cleanups after code review

+review REVIEW-5889

Make method name plural

+review REVIEW-5861

cleanup integ test under investigation

+review REVIEW-5889

Move the CustomizableHtmlReport over to reporting.

+review REVIEW-5862

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integ test coverage for handling props in the daemon

- this revealed an issue with the implementation that is fixed too here

- just covering one property in the integtest as these tests are

expensive and all ssl props use the same logic here.

+review REVIEW-5889

update daemon docs about immutable sys properties

+Review REVIEW-5889

Added some potential candidates for improving build startup time.

Added spec with some options for making remote dependency resolution faster.

Fix potential NPE when one of the collaborators only has been collected (CI fix)

Introduce a separate test runner for CompositeBuild TAPI tests

- For supported versions, run tests for both integrated and non-integrated composites

- Make it easier to specify tests for integrated composite only

Busted up some package cycles and switched on classcycle checks for 'messaging' project.

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Fixed broken import.

Moved `o.g.messaging.*` to `o.g.internal.*`.

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Fix merge error in recent release -> master merge

- GradleApiJarIntegrationTest was deleted in release branch and should

be deleted in master too.

- commit 2a917101 in master prevented deleting the file in merge

Bump the TAPI jar size

- size increased after merging release -> master

JDK 6 does not provide close method for URLClassLoader

+review REVIEW-5867

Close URLClassLoader

+review REVIEW-5867

Add a few other test cases for an inner class reference

+review REVIEW-5901

Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/release'

For now mark these tests with @LeaksFileHandle

+review REVIEW-5867

Changed int test so that it doesn't try to use `GradleExecutor` from multiple threads.

Remove unnecessary synchronization

- both methods are already accessed within a lock

+review REVIEW-5881

Added some trace to try to shake out a sporadic failure.

Fixed broken unit test.

Push logic out of GlobalScopeServices

+review REVIEW-5867

Address Mark's comments on release notes

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Changed single and multi- request worker implementations to much better deal with the worker process crashing or exiting unexpectedly.

Also deal with and better report a failure to load the worker implementation classes.

Changed `ObjectConnection` contract to allow handlers to be notified of the end of the stream of messages. The handler can then deal with missing messages rather than wait forever.

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Launching From Finder on Mac Fails

When you launch a shell script from Finder on Mac the `cwd` is the user's home dir, not the project dir. This detects and fixes that.

PS: I'm not sure if this is where the template for Gradle Wrapper comes from. Let me know if it is somewhere else.

Use enum as input value and move to top level

+review REVIEW-5867