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Fix regression on applying Kotlin script from `buildscript` block

By no longer sending any plugin requests from non top level script.

See gradle/gradle#3759

Java 9 smoke testing make use of testJavaHome (#3756)

instead of creating ad-hoc java9*Test tasks

Signed-off-by: Paul Merlin <>

Java 9 smoke testing make use of testJavaHome (#3756)

instead of creating ad-hoc java9*Test tasks

Signed-off-by: Paul Merlin <>

Java 9 smoke testing make use of testJavaHome (#3756)

instead of creating ad-hoc java9*Test tasks

Signed-off-by: Paul Merlin <>

Java 9 smoke testing now use a regular TestCoverage and testJavaHome (#3755)

This change also enables execution of unit tests on the Java 9 smoke testing job

Signed-off-by: Paul Merlin <>

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Explicitly declare which tests require external dependencies

Ideally, those dependencies should be replaced with synthethic dependencies that mimic what they are doing.

In the meantime, the relatively low number of tests which do make use of external dependencies have been

marked as such. This should fix an error on CI, where the Artifactory mirror is not as quite tolerant as

what we allow in the component coordinates.

Rebaseline performance improvements (#3762)

Update wrappers to latest snapshot distro

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Some clarifying renames and cleanup

Replace TODO with comment about additional artifacts in Gradle metadata

Document relaxed property name restrictions

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Remove the simple `shouldFail()` to force us to give explanations

Relax property name requirements (#3739)

Previously, property names for file inputs and outputs had to be valid Java

identifiers, and nested properties were allowed to use dots ('.') to separate

the elements of the property's name. This was required so outputs could be

easily represented as file and directory names inside TAR archives.

This change removes this restriction, and instead escapes property names when

archiving the task outputs.

Introduce `noComponentPublished()` expectation

This expectation needs to be used whenever we expect resolution failure because no component was published.

This happens with Gradle metadata only, as the only way to publish a module file is `from components....`

Merge pull request #3740 from gradle/breskeby/composite-build-component-selection-reason

Expose composite build explicitly as ComponentSelectionReason

Fixed Windows resources compilation.

Rename 'isCompositeParticipant' to 'isCompositeSubstitution'

Accepted a breaking change.

Calculate the C/C++ source files of a compile task once only during execution, rather than twice (when outputs can be reused from somewhere) or 3 times (when the task action is executed).

Added an initial rough implementation of a `ConfigurableFileCollection` that can be used as a task input property, and which caches the matching files during task execution. This means that these input files are queried once during execution regardless of whether the file collection is used to calculate other input values, such as the header files for a C/C++ compile task, or used by the task action when it runs (which it always will be). This is intended to be evolved into a reusable implementation but currently lives with the native compile tasks.

Also changed the native compile tasks to discard incremental compile analysis state at the end of task execution rather than retain it in memory for the remainder of the build.

Added an internal mechanism for the task executor and input property snapshotting to collaborate with rich input file property types, such as `FileCollection`, so that the property value implementation can finalize the property value early the task execution and cache state during task execution to make input calculation, snapshots and querying faster.

The value implementation can implement `LifecycleAwareTaskProperty` to be notified of when it is permitted to finalize the value and cache state and when it should release that state.

Reduced the cost of traversing a C/C++ include file dependency graph to collect the files visible from a source file.

Avoid creating some garbage for every edge in the C/C++ include file dependency graph (of which there are quite a few).

Changed some anonymous classes to inner classes.

Add support for Swift/C++ interoperability

Add explanatory comments

Refactor dependency substitution for included builds for use with implicit included builds

Coverage for published constraint with reject '+'

- Test error message when required module is rejected

- Updated test fixtures to correctly produce module file with rich constraints

Allow module metadata with missing 'prefer' version

- Updated spec to specify that version, prefer and reject are all optional

- Handle missing prefer when parsing

- Updated test files to verify serialization

Toward 0.15.0

Prepare 0.14.1 release