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process-services: properly cleanup DefaultMemoryManagerTest

add support for --no-scan

add support for --no-scan

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tooling: configurable environment variables; fix NotSerializableException for sys env map

Improve comments of `api` and `implementation` sample dependencies

Avoid the creation of a `Factory<T>` for each call to `get`

Remove `appendTo` from `Describable`

Avoid some dynamic dispatch.

Avoid using `MissingPropertyException` for flow control when using configure-by-map with a key that refers to a method of the target object rather than a property. An example that might look familiar: `apply plugin: 'java'`.

Update library versions in build init to latest for 3.5

Clean release notes for 3.5

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Update version to 3.5

Reworked method and property dispatch on `BasicScript` to dispatch directly to `DynamicObject` representations of the script and target object.

Update wrapper to latest nightly

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Polish `build.gradle.kts`

Extract `tasks.creating(T::class) { ... }` as `task<T> { ... }`

Use an approximation for memory usage when it hasn't been reported

Take advantage of task creation via delegated properties

To avoid repeating the task name.

Update wrappers to latest snapshot distro

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Rework the reflection cache

The reflection cache is now safer, because we use a hierarchical cache where

the node entries are weakly referenced `Class` instances. Typically the first

level of the cache would be the receiver, while lower levels would be the

argument types. If those types are collected, the weak hash maps that we use

internally would automatically clean the entries. Eventually, the value associated

with this "path" of `Class` itself references a `Method` or a `Constructor`

with additional, computed, data.

The advantage of this approach is that typically for the instantiator case,

we no longer need to match the argument types (`isMatch`) for each call: instead,

we go through the tree using subsequent argument types, and if a match is found,

we know it's the right one.

Update required Kotlin plugin version in README

mark --scan as incubating in userguide

tweak release notes regarding --scan

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rework -Dscan setup when --scan is used

Attempt to implement faster `stat` using JDK 7 attributes

Replace PluginsManifest with WriteProperties

+review REVIEW-6416

Reuse the same infrastructure for cached constructors and cached methods

`ConvertMethod` should not be cached in the converter or it could store an expired entry

Rephrase javadocs

Simplify estimateSize implementation

Signed-off-by: Cedric Champeau <>