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Fixed input files declaration for userguideDocbook

- Updated for new location for libs

- Removed copyright notices from samples, so they don't end up in the user guide.

GRADLE-280 - Allow apply { } to be used from any script. - Added o.g.api.Script, to specify and document the methods/properties available to all scripts executed by Gradle. - Cleaned up the responsibilities of ScriptObjectConfigurer, ScriptRunner and ScriptCompiler.

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- Fixed/improved exception reporting for nested build and buildSrc failures.

GRADLE-782 - Added a GradleBuild task

- Remove title attribute from various structural elements in userguide html

- Fixed formatting of exception on console. - Changed DefaultExceptionAnalyser to inject source location info into any @Contextual exception. - Detanged most places from needing to use GradleScriptException.

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Changed ide task to create an ide dir with nested lib/resources dirs.

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- Much improved detection of source script file and line number for exceptions. - Extracted ExceptionAnalyser from GradleScriptException. - Added some specific exception classes for some common failures. - Added more int test coverage for exception handling

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Try again with the fixes

Fix for broken linux CI build

Fix for broken java 5 CI build (ie the windows one)

GRADLE-280 - Added Project.apply { }, which allows an external script to be applied to the current project, or to a set of arbitrary objects.

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GRADLE-280 - Merged code for applying a script to a domain object into ScriptObjectConfigurer, from DefaultInitScriptProcessor, BuildScriptProcessor and ScriptEvaluatingSettingsProcessor.

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GRADLE-670 - Added VerificationTask interface - Implement this for AntTest, NativeTest, Checkstyle and CodeNarc. - Removed now unused AbstractTestTask.stopAtErrorsOrFailures and Checkstyle.stopBuild.

- Fixed eclipse plugin for mixed groovy and scala projects - Ported EclipsePlugin from java to groovy - Added some int tests

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GRADLE-751 - Ecplise project for usePlugin "scala" should use scala eclipse nature and builder. Patch supplied by Philip Crotwell.

GRADLE-670 - Added Checkstyle.stopBuild property. Slightly modified version of patch supplied by Jason Porter.

Patch from John Murph. Added the ability for scripts to register a listener for test execution feedback. This currently works for JUnit. However, TestNG support is disabled (although I had it working, so it's mostly correct). This is due to a desire to not make Gradle have compile time dependencies on TestNG as that limits the versions of TestNG that can be used by projects.

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GRADLE-767 - Fix problem where buildSrc build was attempting to recreate cache files while they were already in use by the main build. - Extracted CacheFactory out of DefaultCacheRepository, use a single instance shared by all builds. Manages cache instances used by each build. - Close caches used by a given build at the end of the build, to prevent file handle leaks. - Reworked some of the ServiceRegistry wiring. - Reworked the CacheRepository API.

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Added integration test to verify we get live output when using the GUI. Patch from Mike H.

GRADLE-198 - Fix eclipse plugin to handle groovy projects. Slight modification of patch supplied by Shaun Mangelsdorf.

Added missing package

Some javadocs

GRADLE-758 - Eclipse configuration should be more flexible. Patch supplied by Shaun Mangelsdorf.

- Moved compilation and javadoc tasks from gradle-core to gradle-plugins

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- Added AbstractTask.getServices(), to allow a subclass to get at the services available to it.

GRADLE-765 Improve granularity of command line reports.

- If nothing is else is specified reports are now run against the current project.

- If the report option is followed by a project path, the report is run against that project.

- If the path is a wildcard, it is run against all projects.

- Fixed the target type for these annotations. They can go on fields as well as methods.