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Remove unused parameter

Use a common base class for all build types

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Update to latest nightly Wrapper

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Temporarily disable tests requiring new `kotlin-dsl` version

See #551

Let the Kotlin compiler work out the JDK home on Java < 9

See #551

Small tweak to the DSL used in test

Let Kotlin work out the current JRE classes by itself

See #551

Rename `publish` -> `produce`

Use polymorphism instead of ifs

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:arrow_up: Kotlin 1.1.60 :tada:

See #551

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make order of default excludes predictable

Remove `MavenPublishedModule`

This was made redundant by the new repository test fixture

Change name of internal flag for readability

Merge pull request #3383 from gradle/jjohannes/dependency-management/bom-support

Add support for Maven BOMs

Fix task executed to check tests

to make sure we check the right thing when executed with `--parallel`

Ignore test on Java 9

Improve test fixtures for resolution

This commit introduces new test fixtures (built on top of the old ones) for dependency resolution, allowing

to setup the repository layout easily, as well as declaring which modules are going to be requested. It

will appropriately setup the expectations on metadata and artifacts based on the contextual execution, that

is to say if `--parallel` is on, and if Gradle module metadata is expected.

Merge pull request #3433 from gradle/wolfs/swift-caching/track-swift-compiler-version

Track the swift compiler version

Make PatternSet more memory efficient

Don't create include/exclude sets unless

they are actually used.

Fix test by setting PATH during build

Setting the PATH up-front does not work since the Gradle start script

fails with an empty path. The test does not work in embedded mode any

more since is would change the environment of the current JVM.

Improve assertions in bom support smoke test

Remove `getVersionConstraint` from `Dependency`

We will at some point deprecate `getVersion` on `Dependency`, which is nullable because it doesn't always

make sense (ex: project dependencies). So instead of having version constraints on dependency, it will

only be introduced on the relevant type (external dependencies only).

Adjust test to refactoring #3455

Remove TODO from bom integration test

This is fixed with #3431.

Merge pull request #3455: Remove `ModuleVersionSelector` from `DependencyMetadata`

`ModuleVersionSelector` represents a dependency selector as a 'group:name:version', making no distinction between a project and module dependency. Because of this limitation, `ModuleComponentSelector` and `ProjectComponentSelector` were introduced to replace `ModuleVersionSelector`.

However, `ModuleVersionSelector` was still heavily used throughout dependency resolution, and for developers it hasn't been clear that new code should prefer `ComponentSelector` instead.

This PR gets rid of much of the use of `ModuleVersionSelector` from dependency management. A few uses remain, some pending conversion, and others required to maintain API compatibility. A new `ComponentSelectorConverter` service makes it easy to determine the `ModuleIdentifier` or `ModuleVersionSelector` corresponding to a `ComponentSelector`, looking up a project to determine the coordinates for a `ProjectComponentSelector`.

Choose runtime variant for published Maven module when consumer omits attributes

When is published with Gradle module metadata, 2 variants are defined: 'api' and 'runtime'. This works fine when the library is consumed by configurations defined by the java plugin, since the appropriate attributes are set on the consumer. However in many cases a user will want to resolve those libraries as part of an arbitrary, custom configuration.

This changeset adds a producer-side `AttributesSchema` for maven modules, that prefers the `JAVA_RUNTIME` variant over the `JAVA_API` variant where the consumer has not provided any disambiguating attributes.

This will permit existing Gradle builds to consume Maven modules that are published with Gradle module metadata.

Use static instance instead of creating on demand

Remove unused `ModuleVersionSelector` constructor parameter

Added some test coverage for the visibility (or not) of C++ library private headers and implementation dependencies.

Move new chapter a little later