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GRADLE-2066: Extract PluginAware interface out of Project.

add 'languageBase' and 'languageJvm' to 'pluginProjects'

build script fix

moved language/binary plugins/models into new language-base and language-jvm projects

- refactored and moved some existing code to prevent cyclic dependencies between the plugins project and the new projects

- deprecated ProcessResources task at its former location and moved it to language-jvm project; gave it new package name and made it public

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Added a spec for fixing GRADLE-2066

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Updated spec for changed DSL

Fix unit tests

Cleaned up the TaskInputChanges DSL by making it stateful - Can only call outOfDate() and removed() a single time - Must call outOfDate() before calling removed()

Keep the test daemons alive for a little longer, to avoid failures in tests that expect a test daemon to be reused but instead it idles out and is restarted.

fix imports.

Renamed getExecutionContext() -> getInputChanges() to match type name change

Hacky implementation supporting incremental tasks with no output files - Added TaskInternal.incrementalTask property so we can deal with incremental tasks differently - Don't use a NoHistoryArtifactState for an incremental task with no declared outputs

set log level in jacoco integ test to info to gather information for failing tests in ci.

Updated release notes for changes to the tooling API, and a couple of minor edits.

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Changed tooling API so that model types don't need to extend `Model`.

Fleshed out some stories in the multiple outputs spec and moved a story across from the publication spec.

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change some wording in buldsetup section of the release notes.

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minor tweak to jacoco userguide chapter (add illustration of html report)

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Mention buildSetup plugin in release notes.

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rework bootstrap userguide chapter. - change to 'buildSetup' - reflect changes in build setup plugin

Generate empty Gradle file if no pom and no gradle build file exists. TODO: userguide, dsl and release notes

More integ test coverage for incremental tasks - A couple of sad-day cases still to implement - One test still ignored: we don't yet correctly handle incremental task with no outputs defined

fix copyright header

update wrapper to gradle 1.5

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use JUnit 4's Assert class (fixes deprecation warning)

improved exception messages thrown by DefaultPolymorphicDomainObjectContainer

fix line length in release notes.

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Add jacoco plugin to release notes.

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REVIEW-1800: avoid name clash with dynamic property

REVIEW-1803: use getTypeDisplayName() instead of 'domain objects'