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More test coverage for worker daemon failure scenarios

- Check failures when instantiating the runnable fails

- Check failures when the wrong parameters are passed to the worker daemon

Fix indentation

Fix local file dependency leak in IDE model

The IDE dependency resolver was always leaking local file

dependencies into dependent projects, even if the target

configuration was marked as transitive=false. This broke

things like EAR projects depending on a WAR project with

a local file dependency.

Remove typo in test case name

Set keep alive for scheduled executor service to 10s to reuse threads

Mention gradle/gradle#841 on the test case

Remove unused imports

Address review comments, naming and tests setup

Slightly increase memory for bigOldJava, as 3.2.1 also struggles with 512m

Handle serialization exceptions gracefully in worker daemons

- Add StreamFailureMessage message type

- Have MessageHub receiver/dispatcher catch object stream errors, inject StreamFailureMessage, and continue processing instead of exiting

- Catch object stream errors in SocketConnection and throw a typed exception

Restore inheritance between `api` and `compile` for consistency between old `java` plugin and `java-library` plugin

Reset performance test memory for large projects

Hide `configurationAttributesSchema` from public API

The API is not ready for prime time yet, so this commit makes it unusable

in practice by hiding the only way to declare the attributes schema

private. Users that will rely on this internal API would be warned.

Revert scala version to stay Java 7 compatible

Remove `getConsumerValue` from `MultipleCandidatesDetails`

This allows us to use producer schema disambiguation, in case a value is missing from the consumer.

Revert scala library version to stay Java 7 compatible

Fix bug in `DefaultDomainObjectSet`

Set semantics were not always preserved, because of a missing `iterator` overload.

Add guava dependency back to build init library versions

Changed `DefaultConfiguration` to retain less heap at various points in its lifecycle.

Changed `DefaultVariant` domain object to produce an `OutgoingVariant` view of itself rather than implement this interface.

Changed `DefaultConfigurationPublications` to create its `variants` container only when required, as there are rarely any specific variants defined for a configuration.

Some changes to make calculation of paths for various domain objects more memory efficient.

- Added `Path.child()` to more efficiently calculate a child path rather than converting to absolute path and parsing.

- Removed duplicate copy of full path held in `Path` instances.

- Use `Path` to represent paths in various domain objects, rather than converting from String to Path and back.

Don't nag in the methods of `DefaultJavaCompileSpec` as this type is only ever used internally.

Changed `SingleMessageLogger` methods to check whether deprecation logging is enabled before creating the warning method, to avoid generating garbage that is never used.

Reuse task logic for JacocoReport and JacocoCheck

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Use JacocoCheck in documentation

Revert change

Reflect use of JacocoCheck task in documentation and sample

Input annotation make sure that requires properties are not null

Extract dedicated task for verifying if coverage metrics are met

Results in better configurability for end user and decouples report generation from coverage verification.