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Add unit test coverage for JUnit assumption handling

remove author doc block

Reuse TestReportDataCollector for generating html reports. - No xml parsing results output anymore. - Still loading stderr and stdout for a testclass into memory when writing html report.

When JUnit tests have assumption failures, treat them as "skipped"

JUnit has a conception of "assumptions", when encode conditions in which a test is meaningful.

When an assumption fails, it means that the test provides no useful information, and should

"halt and be ignored". Prior to this change, Gradle was treating JUnit tests with assumption

failures as "passed".

Automate inclusion of known issues in release notes.

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Fix formatting of contributors in release notes.

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Added component support to ivy publication - Refactored IvyPublication to be a lot more like MavenPublication - IvyPublication must be explicitly added to publishing.publications - Component can be explicitly added to IvyPublication - Still very much a work-in-progress: only java and web components can be published - Cannot add extra artifacts, many tests still broken

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defaultJvmOpts argument quoting for scripts

introduce a basic distribution plugin.

Extract JUnitCrossVersionIntegrationSpec from JUnitIntegrationTest - reuse sample test code fom JUnitIntegrationTest - test against junit 4.0, 4.4, 4.8.2 and 4.11

cleanup integtest

GRADLE-2484 / Review-865: Calculate ignored tests dynamically reusing JUnit runner builder infrastructure; Add more coverage about ignored tests to JUnitIntegrationTest

First cut of "Software Component" support: - SoftwareComponent represents something that is built by a project - Project has a container of SoftwareComponent instances - Java plugin adds a JavaLibrary component to the set of software components - SoftwareComponents are not currently used anywhere

REVIEW-862: map toString of original exception in PlaceholderException; add some more coverage to JunitIntegrationTest for broken exception handling

application defaultJvmOpts integration tests

defaultJvmOpts integrated into ApplicationPluginConvention

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run test against sonar 3.4

updated default tool versions of Checkstyle, CodeNarc, and FindBugs plugins

ApplicationPlugin/CreateStartScripts: defaultJvmOpts settable

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Removed temporary integration test now that test results generation is efficient.

Don't use -S in int test.

Some minor spec updates.

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Tweaked description of plugin.

Renamed methods on SimpleXmlWriter.

Added a placeholder for the performance work to the release notes.

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Updated DSL refer now that TestNG uses Gradle HTML report by default.

Tidied up some exception handling.

GRADLE-2613 - fixed EOFException on time out opening lock while another process is releasing the lock.

Changed DefaultWorkerProcess to stop accepting connections once the worker process has connected, and on failure to start.

user getter to enable convention mapping