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Remove hardcoded support for buildScanPluginVersion

- use doFirst for lazy evaluation

Pass measurement plugin jar file to templates

- remove 'gradleTask' template variable that was used to call back from

the template

+review REVIEW-6162

Add shared template arguments feature to ProjectGeneratorTask

+review REVIEW-6162

Allow usage of snapshot versions in performance test baselines

Make cross-version result store more efficient

Replace DGM usage in code converted from Groovy

+review REVIEW-6162

Remove unused import

Add index for test group since we order by it

Order test ids within the same group alphabetically

Fix cross-build result store

Fix records being incorrectly discarded before measurements were copied

Fix cross-build result store

Fix problem accessing BuildRequestMetaData on some older Gradle version

- Gradle 1.1 throws java.lang.IllegalStateException:

Cannot locate service of type BuildRequestMetaData, as

TopLevelBuildServiceRegistry has been closed

+review REVIEW-6162

Batch insertions of measured operations

Use reflection to access GradleInternal.getServices

- signature was changed by

and reflection is needed to access the method on older versions

- methods for ReflectionUtil class were copied from/inspired by Spock's

ReflectionUtil class (ASL 2.0 license) and Spring Framework's

ReflectionUtil class (ASL 2.0)

+review REVIEW-6162

Make cross-build result store more efficient

- add index for column used in order by clause

- replace for-loop with group by clause

Index performance data by time of execution

We use this column to select the n most recent executions, which is slow

if there is no index.

Allow read-only access to our shared performance database

Use ad-hoc mode for reproduction instructions

Cache the result of component artifact resolutions in memory, as is done for other resolution results.

Removed unused classes

Fixed unit test for changes to API.

Ignore errors when measurements checks are set to `none`

This commit lets us ignore build failures when the performance checks mode is set to `none`. This means

that if a template is wrong, or a particular version of Gradle is not compatible with a template, and

that an iteration of a performance test fails, measurement is ignored *and* the performance test will

not fail.

This is going to be useful for historical builds, where we want to override the baselines for all tests.

Don't create an extra Set instance.

Removed unused method.

Extract delegate classes

+review REVIEW-6162


+review REVIEW-6162

Add option to capture all objects to heapdump

+review REVIEW-6162


+review REVIEW-6162

Plugin development in composite leaks file handles