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Test fixes after: Revert exposing BinarySpec.getSource() as a ModelMap.

+review REVIEW-5498

Improve documentation and release notes for GRADLE-3300 (javaAnnotationProcessing)

+ review REVIEW-5502

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Don't use file names that are reserved on windows when generating a test directory name.

Some cleanup for tests now that language registrations are reused for test suites.

Rename the function backed ModelAction impls to describe their nature, not the type of function that backs them.

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Revert exposing BinarySpec.getSource() as a ModelMap.

This collection is a composite of the owning component's source as well as the binary's. We can't currently deal with such a composite in such a way where we can honour the semantics of ModelMap.

+review REVIEW-5498

Handling model report nodes with no private data

Refactors model report post code review

+review REVIEW-5501

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Remove some duplication and inline some vars.

Also made the formatting more diff friendly for the future.

Use a more descriptive name here.


Apply language registrations to all ComponentSpec instances, including those in the `testSuites` container. Removed the language registrations from CUnit and Google test plugins.

Added MutableModelNode.applyToAllLinksTransitive() to apply a rule source to all transitively linked nodes with a given type.


Tweaks to type signature

Added some more test coverage for custom TestSuiteSpec types.

Use a rule method instead of ModelRegistry API to define component type registry.

Use a rule method instead of ModelRegistry API to define component type registry.

Use a real factory to create component type registry, so that this works with model reuse.

Split the jvm stuff out of ModelReuseIntegrationTest into an in test in platformJvm project.

Fixed @ComponentType so that it can be used to declare TestSuiteSpec subtypes, and use this in the CUnit and Google test plugins.

Extracted out a shared ComponentSpec type registry that is shared by all ComponentSpec containers.

Changed @ComponentType and @BinaryType rule handlers to declare Instantiator as an input for the creator, rather than injecting into the rule handler.

GRADLE-3182 Fix wrong single wildcard usage for files/directories matching

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Docs: Using ANTLR4 with ANTLR plugin

Add some details about using ANTLR4 with the ANTLR plugin.

Moved some duplicated logic out of CUnitPlugin and GooglTestPlugin to NativeBinariesTestPlugin. Simplified the way test binaries are defined to use @BinaryType and ModelMap.create() instead of using a bunch of internal stuff.

Fixes typo

Adds some coverage for model node descriptors

+review REVIEW-5501

Cleans up model report task and adds some coverage around task options

+review REVIEW-5501

Disable continuous mode tests on windows

...until we figure out how to kill all the processes.

Lock observed state separately from resolved state in DefaultConfiguration

- This should prevent current deadlock situation.

- Locking is still pretty half-assed: in order to be fully thread safe, we’d need

to make a copy of the configuration fields when beginning resolution.