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Simplify verification of constraints in `ResolveTestFixture`

Add 'constraint' property to dependencies in ResolutionResult

It's important to be able to differentiate between hard dependencies and

dependency constraints when analysing the resolution result. This was done

by adding a simple boolean property to `DependencyResult`, indicating if

the source of the edge was a dependency or a constraint.

The new API is not yet used in any dependency reporting.

Publish 5.0-20181102000033+0000

Rename duplicate types: `ComponentResult` and `DependencyResult`

These internal types had the same name as public types on the `ResolutionResult`,

and were easily confused.

Fix version range constraints for tooling API tests.

Add a little more coverage for dependencyInsight

Show more edge information in dependencyInsight

The `dependencyInsight` report shows detailed information about a particular

node in the dependency graph, including all incoming edges to that node traced from

the root. Understand which incoming edge is responsible for influencing the selected

version is an important use case for `dependencyInsight`.

A previous change added and conflict resolution reasons that were present for a

node on an incoming edge. This PR brings an improvement over this previous behaviour:

with this change we show the requested version for each edge where it is different

from the actual version that was selected.

Fix some api compatibility errors

Change x64() to x86_64()

Update some comments and error messages

Move serialization of the exception to send back to the client out of the `BuildActionRunner` implementations so that it is a cross cutting concern applied for all build actions.

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Make disabling worker daemons instrinsic to the worker daemon iitself

Update Android smoke test targetSdkVersion to 26

Android Lint seems to be programmed with a kill switch that tells people

not to use SDK < 26 in the second half of 2018. This started breaking

our tests today.

Change factory method for custom os/arch to be less ambiguous

Merge pull request #7528 from gradle/docs/5_0-breaking-changes-refactor

Adds missing breaking changes to the upgrade guide

build-init: Consistently end comments for Kotlin projects with a dot

These are regular sentences that should end with a dot.

Signed-off-by: Sebastian Schuberth <>

build-init: Add the missing word "plugin" for kotlin-application

Signed-off-by: Sebastian Schuberth <>

Fail early when plugin version is not supported

Update AndroidPluginsSmokeTest.targetSdkVersion to 26

It seems to fail with original targetSdkVersion 23.

Improve error handling for tooling model invocations, so that any failure to build a model or run a client provided action is always treated as a build failure. Previously, some failures were ignored by error reporting.

Add a bunch of test coverage for TAPI error handling.

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Add project name into test page command line arguments

This closes

Previously the project name didn't appear in the command line arguments rendered in test page.

Fix incorrect task name

Publish 5.0-20181101000025+0000

Update force virtual platform behavior

When a virtual platform is forced, all versions below the forced version

need to be considered. This will improve the alignment result in case

not all modules do exist at the forced version.

Merge pull request #7582 from gradle/dd/dm/reasons-collect

Collect reasons for all executed dependency substitution rules

Move TargetMachineFactory up to a project service

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Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/gh/issues/7580' into release

* origin/gh/issues/7580:

Only add signatures for artifacts that don't already have signatures

Accept change to internal method

Change signatures to be added after all artifacts are added

Remove stray file

Only add signatures for artifacts that don't already have signatures

Merge pull request #7585 from gradle/marc/issues/7566-dsl-metadata-supports-java7

Add support for using Java 7/8 language features in public API types