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Stop test execution after first failure (#4190)

* Rough pass at stopNow() on test failure

* Updated worker TestClassProcessor.stopNow() to throw UnsupportedOperationException

* Updated MaxNParallelTestClassProcessor to keep "raw" processors for stopNow().

Updated other daemon-side TestClassProcessors to keep track if stopNow() is called.

* Added AbstractTestTask.getFailFast()

* Added some unit tests for to TestClassProcessors

* Added unit tests for stopNow()

* Rough pass at JUnitFailFastIntegrationTest

* Refactor fail fast JVM integration test.

Moved common logic/tests from JUnitFailFastIntegrationTest into AbstractJvmFailFastIntegrationSpec.

Added TestNGFailFastIntegrationTest (which extends TestNGFailFastIntegrationTest)

* Working on forkEvery fail fast test

* Converted FailFastTestListener to FailFastTestListenerInternal

* Added BlockingHttpServer.expectMaybeAndBlock()

* TestNG parallel & fail-fast integration test

* Remove unused import

* Remove unused import

* Marked test.failFast as @Input

* Added `failFast` to java_plugin in userguide

* Javadoc & formatting changes

* Updated userguide docs based on review comments

* Moved `failFast` configuration from `AbstractTestTask` to `Test` to avoid `XCTest`

* Updates from review comments

* More updates from review comments

* Reduced Mock() usage in FailFastTestListenerInternalTest

* Backed out changes to XCTestExecuter for fail fast behavior

* Fixed typo in javadoc

* Remove --no-fail-fast `@Option` from `Test`

* Reduce mocking expectations in ForkingTestClassProcessorTest

* Moved @Internal from Test.getFailFast() to AbstractTestTask

* Formatting updates

* Updated ForkingTestClassProcessor to track state more precisely to avoid stop() & stopNow() problem

* Fixed tests (again)

* Better handling of mutual exclusion between ForkingTestClassProcessor stop() and stopNow() sections

* Improved resiliency to indeterminate generated test class execution in fail fast tests

* Optimized imports

* Updated DefaultWorkerProcess.cleanup() to stop the Stoppables before aborting the execHandle

* Changed CyclicBarrierAnyOfRequestHandler.expected back to `private`

* ForkingTestClassProcessor.stoppedNow does not need to be `volatile` as it is now protected by a lock

* Added JUnitPlatformTestClassProcessor.stopNow()

* Removed mention of --no-fail-fast from user guide

* Added info on --fail-fast to release notes

* Fixed use of `testOmitted` in AbstractJvmFailFastIntegrationSpec

* Make MaxNParallelTestClassProcessor drop any processTestClass() invocations after stopNow()

* Protected critical region in ForkingTestClassProcessor.processTestClass() causing race condition with stopNow() in tests

* Debugging cleanup

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Upgrade Kotlin DSL {0.15.5 => 0.15.6}

Compiled against the latest `Settings` API in order to expose


Upgrade Kotlin DSL {0.15.5 => 0.15.6}

Compiled against the latest `Settings` API in order to expose


Toward 0.16.x

Prepare 0.15.6 release

Compiled against the latest Gradle `Settings` API.

Prove `Settings#enableFeaturePreview` is available in `settings.gradle.kts`

See #718

Merge pull request #4364 from gradle/wolfs/rich-inputs/exec-task

Add argumentProviders to Exec task

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Polish release notes

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Rebase performance tests that involve large Java projects

There is a small regression affecting very large projects introduced

by #4255. This will be addressed with #4365 and we will provide a new

baseline for these tests after the fix.

Bump plugins version

Merge pull request #4331 from gradle/oehme/apt/incremental/validation

Validate incremental annotation processors

Improve wording in release notes and docs

This addresses additional feedback on #4335

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Merge pull request #4336 from gradle/bamboo/init.gradle.kts

Allow user home init script to be written in Kotlin

Add argumentProviders for Exec task

Ignore inner classes of outer classes annotated with Enclosed

This fixes

Previously both outer class and inner class are passed to JUnit engine,

which makes each inner test execute twice. This PR ignore the inner class

in this scenario.

Avoid duplicate `REQUESTED` when a direct dependency provides a custom reason

This is similar to the fix in #4301, but this time for direct dependencies

instead of constraints.

Add missing override annotations in AbstractExecTask

Add missing comma

Update wrappers to latest snapshot distro

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Shorten source set configuration in base-services.gradle.kts

Remove spurious change in antlr.gradle.kts

Merge branch 'master' into bamboo/review/kotlinDogFood

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Account for upstream changes in source/modules layout

adding testing-junit-platform

Update wrappers to latest snapshot distro

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Lock in Kotlin DSL performance improvements

by rebaselining GradleInceptionPerformanceTest

Rebaseline cold daemon test

This test seems biased against master, but we first need to rule out actual regressions by rebaselining.

Dependency management documentation fixes (#4346)

This commit contains a number of fixes for typos, broken links and minor

style improvements.

Fix test assertions for parallel execution

This is a follow up to #4324

Rebase first use performance tests

Do not require a sign-off from org members