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Use Lookup instead of reflection on Java 9+ (#5749)

In `4.8` we have two `illegal-access` warning on Java 9+. This PR uses Java 9 API to eliminate these warning. However, the consequence is, we need Java 9 compiler to compile the specific subproject `base-servces-java9`.

On Java 9+, `MethodHandles.Lookup` is used to invoke protected methods `ClassLoader.defineClass` and `ClassLoader.getDefinedPackage`.

Merge pull request #5751 from gradle/marc/issues/5742-version-specific-cache-cleanup

Cleanup unused version-specific caches and corresponding wrapper distributions

Merge branch 'release'

Move platformPlay tests to Build branch accept

Merge pull request #5561 from gradle/marc/issues/1085-cleanup-shared-caches

Clean up shared caches/file stores

Make list of projects configurable for tests

    • -53
    • +51
Fix tests on Java 9, 10, and 11-ea

The broken tests used Gradle 4.1 which does not run on 9/10.0.x and

11-ea. This commit ensures a compatible version is used depending on the

current version of Java it is executed with.

Recognize Sébastien Deleuze for SNAPSHOT plugin versions in plugins {}

Signed-off-by: Paul Merlin <>

    • -0
    • +6
Merge pull request #5762 from sdeleuze/snapshot-plugins

Support snapshot plugin versions

Expose the task name through the `TaskProvider`

Use file access time journal for build cache

Reuse `DefaultFileAccessTimeJournal` in for tracking file access in

`DirectoryBuildCacheServiceFactory` for consistency with other caches

and to reduce the number of file operations.

Resolves gradle/gradle-private#1337.

Make dependency management cleanup actions observable

Wrap CleanupActions in build operations to make them observable in a

build session.

Resolves gradle/gradle-private#1350.

Add Kotlin DSL 0.18 to the release notes preamble

Signed-off-by: Paul Merlin <>

    • -0
    • +4
Tweak release notes for dependency insight report

    • -1
    • +1
Upgrade to ASM 6.2 to support Java 11 bytecode

Resolves #5791.

Revert groovy version to 2.4.15

In we upgrade groovy to 2.5.0 in build init.

However, groovy 2.5.0 depends on javax.xml.bind so it causes some failures on Java 9+.

For now, we just revert it back to 2.4.15.

De-incubate dependency insight report

It's a small step for Gradle, one giant leap for community!

    • -3
    • +16
Recognize contributors in release note

    • -0
    • +4
Update Spock Version In Docs And Build Init (#5627)

Use latest Gosu plugin (#5585)

Use of Gradle internal APIs is pretty much eliminated, see

Signed-off-by: Kyle Moore <>

Change test to use `BlockingHttpServer` instead of `CyclicBarrierHttpServer`.

Recover ignored tests



Recover these tests after jfrog adjusted their cipher configuration

added missing verb to the user guide (#5694)

Signed-off-by: radu <>

Add improved publishing documentation to release notes

    • -0
    • +4
Don't run play tests in build branch accept

    • -6
    • +8
Wire `FileCollection` to task dependency when constructed from `TaskProvider`


Publish 4.9-20180626150203+0000

Delete empty parent dirs of deleted cache entries

Prior to this commit parent directories of deleted cache entries were

not checked whether they're eligible for deletion. Now, parent

directories that are now empty are checked up to the base directory.

For the artifact transforms cache the following directories marked with

(+) are now also deleted once all subdirectories (*) have been deleted:

- files-1.1

- artifact-a (+)

- hash 1 (*)

- hash 1.1

- ...

- hash 2 (*)

- ...

- ... (+)

For the artifact cache:

- modules-2

- files-2.1

- groupId (+)

- artifactId (+)

- version (+)

- hash1 (*)

- file

- hash2 (*)

- file

- resources-2.1

- 0 (+)

- hash 1 (*)

- hash 2 (*)

- ...

- ... (+)

Resolves gradle/gradle-private#1339.

Bump plugins version

Merge pull request #5767 from gradle/bamboo/kotlin-dsl/0.18.2

Upgrade Kotlin DSL to 0.18.2