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Add supported range of composite builds to ToolingApiVersions

+review REVIEW-5818

More refinements

Add tests for both with and without useAnt.

+review REVIEW-5829

Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master'

Removed the offending temporal language.

+review REVIEW-5829

Remove the obsolete init script scala reference.

+review REVIEW-5829

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Add @Override where missing in production software model sources

Prior to this change, the affected submodules had 2044 occurrences of

the @Override annotation. With this commit, there are now 3492

occurrences. This suggests some divergence in IDE settings, either

across developers, across time, or both. At the moment, it appears that

IDEA (15 CE) is configured correctly to add @Override automatically.

This same refactoring should probably be done globally acrosse the

Gradle codebase, but has been constrained here to software model-related

submodules (a) because it is what the author is responsible for and (b)

because significant refactoring of type hierarchies is underway there

right now--the kind of work most likely to benefit from the compiler

checks that proper use of @Override affords.

Should this same refactoring be applied globally, it would be worth

looking into enforcing consistent use of @Override via checkstyle or

similar at the same time.

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Remove redundant extension of Named interface

The affected components now extend ComponentSpec, which itself extends

Named, meaning that explicitly declaring `extends Named` is now

redundant. This commit removes these declarations accordingly.

Rename Buildable{ModelElement => ComponentSpec}

This rename better reflects the fact that (the former)

BuildableModelElement now extends ComponentSpec, and in the process

helps to eliminate the unnecessary concept of "model elements" in favor

of referring to everything in terms of components and component specs.

Javadoc in BuildableComponentSpec and certain parameters and member

variables in AbstractBuildableComponentSpec have also been updated and

renamed for clarity and consistency.

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Use `@Each` instead of iterating `ModelMap` in rule

Fixed test that should have never worked. The test was avoiding the

execution of some of the rules applied to `binaries`, and hence didn’t

run into missing properties. With `@Each` the rules are applied to each

binary individually, and thus they now run, and bump into a series of

NPEs. Should be fixed now.

javadoc typos


Updated int tests for changes to task names generated for nested components.

Fixed test fixtures to construct binary spec with correct id.

Pushed up the special case handling of display name for nested components from where it used to live on `BaseBinarySpec` to `AbstractComponentSpec`.

Produces a more meaningful display name, and flattened names (eg task names) that are less likely to conflict but that are uglier.

Removed concept of 'parent' for an `AbstractLanguageSourceSet`, this information is now carried in the id for the source set.

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Changed creation of ids for children of various `ComponentSpec` types.

Added `ComponentSpecInternal` view for all `ComponentSpec` instances.

Changed `ComponentSpecIdentifier` so that it represents components arranged in some kind of hierarchy.

Fixed expected sample output.

Added more detail to milestones for composite build design spec

Fixed merge problem.

Fixed int test for changes to naming of bridged binaries.

Updated expected user guide output for changes to implicitly applied plugins.

Clarify spec based on feedback

Fix sample for Java 1.6

+review REVIEW-5817

Fix GRADLE-3400

- missing symbolic link that gets filtered shouldn't cause an exception

Fix NPE and re-enable test

+review REVIEW-5817

Replace `@BinaryType` and `@LanguageType` with `@ComponentType`

The original annotations have been retained for the purpose of

deprecation but they no longer work.

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Remove client side impl handling in testing fixtures

+review REVIEW-5817