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More correct detection of type parameters

Properly support Providers for inputs and outputs (#4665)

Now static validation also works for nested Provider types.

Moreover, dependencies on output properties are detected without using `newInputFile()`.

Fix test on Windows.

Simplify the collection of selection reasons

It is not necessary to resolve all selectors in order to include them

in the graph. For instance, if the we resolve a fixed version `12`, then

there is no reason to also resolve the version range `[10, 12]`.

For this reason, it should not be necessary to resolve a selector in

order to determine the selection reason. With this change, the selection

reason is no longer part of the `ComponentIdResolveResult`, and is

determined directly when adding the selector to the graph.

Properly restore System.out and System.err after running a Gradle build in-process.

Constrain test range for cross version test

Merge pull request #4769 from gradle/dd/dependency-management/engine-refactor

Docs and polishing of dependency resolution engine

Upgrade Gradle Kotlin DSL {0.16.1 => 0.16.2}

Toward 0.16.3

Prepare 0.16.2 release

Bump plugins version

Merge pull request #768 from gradle/bamboo/update-wrapper

Update wrapper to latest snapshot distro

Fix test expectations to account for changes in Gradle

Simplify the API to attach different kinds of consoles and remove some complexity from the test fixtures and TAPI provider.

Add some diagnostics to assertion failure message.

Change console int tests to ensure requested console type is used for all Gradle invocations during the test.

Cleanup wrapper install logging

Only print anything about ZIP files and file permissions if there was a


Update wrappers to latest snapshot distro

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Ensure that all children TestState are completed() (#4752)

* Ensure that all children TestState are completed()

With fail fast for tests enabled, some of the `TestState`s tracked

by the `StateTrackingTestResultProcessor` may never receive the

`completed()` call. When this happens, the parent/ancester

`TestState` will not include the test count and failure information.

When combined with a `--tests` filter, this can cause an erroneous

failure message that no tests matched the filter.

This change ensures that all of the children/descendents of a `testId`

(`TestState`) are `completed` before the given `testId` is processed.

Addresses: #4718

* Use ArrayList<> instead of LinkedList<>

Produce `List<ScriptPlugin>` lazyly

Only exposes script plugins from `pluginSourceSet`

Fix test failure due to missing API export from application

Fix typo

Merge pull request #4690 from gradle/sg/native/os-review

Follow up on review items raised

Ignore broken test for now

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Add a little more unit test coverage for test fixtures.

Fix minor flakiness with task status line scraping

Merge pull request #4746 from gradle/wolfs/build-cache/userguide-known-issues

Remove known issues from build cache documentation

Fix tests and share code between C++ and Swift

Convert tooling-api to kotlin dsl

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