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Favor using FileCollection.iterator() over FileCollection.getFiles()

In some cases it's cheaper to create the iterator than a full-blown Set.

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Merge pull request #4944 from gradle/lptr/core/remove-abstract-file-collection-build-dependencies

Remove AbstractFileCollection.getBuildDependencies()

Add up-to-date checks for options specific to JUnit Platform

Issue: #4924

Allow build cache to be enabled programatically for non root builds (#4936)

Remove AbstractFileCollection.getBuildDependencies()

Instead of returning a new DefaultTaskDependency every time, which is wasteful, let's force implementors to think about what the dependencies of their file collection are.

Also simplified TaskDependencies.EMPTY a bit and used it instead of the aforementioned new DefaultTaskDependency inherited from AbstractFileCollection.

Remove spurious comment

Merge pull request #4928 from gradle/gh/stable-native/flaky-console

Strip work in progress area when using OutputScraping result fixtures

Update test to handle ansi chars for rich/verbose consoles

Fix InProcessGradleExecuter test to handle work in progress area

Rebaseline performance test to latest nightly

Add up-to-date checks for options specific to JUnit

Issue: #4924

Update release notes to be specific about console changes

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Update wrappers to latest snapshot distro

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Toward 0.17.0

Merge pull request #809 from gradle/bamboo/fix-797

Allow adding a dependency on a `Configuration` instance

Allow adding dependency on `Configuration` instance via generated configuration accessor

Strip work in progress area when using OutputScrapingExecutionResult

This allows us to safely use this fixture even with the rich console tests.

Do not fail the build if .sha1 file cannot be parsed

Without this, Gradle may fail depending on local cache state and

the behavior of the repository delivering the sha1 file.

Now Gradle continues by ignoring the cached entry for which the sha1

file cannot be parsed.

See: #4893

Add test to verify behavior of custom packaging with jar artifact

Remove unused field

Merge pull request #4916 from gradle/oehme/performance-testing/jfr

Better flame graphs

Point to maintained fork of Gretty plugin (#4911)

Add missing link to Native release notes

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Clean up based on review comments

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Add content to chapter "Organizing Gradle projects" (#4910)

Mark `DependencyHandler.add(String, Object)` as `@Nullable`

For The method will return `null` when given a `Configuration` argument.

See gradle/kotlin-dsl#797

Organize imports

Update for review comments

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Fix MSBuild output files for multiproject builds

Fix MSBuild output files for multiproject builds