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Renamed some tooling api classes

Tightened up test coverage for compatibility of various LongRunningOperation configuration options with older Gradle versions. Fixed withArguments() to fail with 1.0-m8, as this does not support command-line options.

Fixed merge problem.

Merged from release branch.

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Removed parameter was in fact being used.


Fixed embedded tooling api provider to honour tooling api contract wrt concurrent delivery of progress events.

Fixed potential deadlock in daemon connection.

Fixed ListenerManager implementation wrt a listener that implements multiple listener interfaces and concurrent event generation.

Document existing behavior for input/output task dependencies

This documents the existing behavior of the @Input* and @Output* task

dependencies. In particular it clarifies that how it impacts the

"up-to-date" checks on each task... and whether it depends on the content

of a annotated file or directory.

It also explains how to configure a dependency on only the file or

directory path and not the contents of it.

Changed the contract of ListenerManager to tighten up behaviour for adding and removing listeners while events are being generated, and fixed the implementation. Also changed implementation to fail when a listener generates events of the same type that it receives.

Changed the contract of ListenerManager to tighten up behaviour when events are generated concurrently.

- Events are delivered listeners of a given type by a single thread at a time.

- Events are delivered in the same order to all listeners of a given type.

Implementation is currently a little rough.

Comment out for now. We need to wait for daemons to be actually killed to be able to verify.

+review REVIEW-5555

Fix tests to properly run in IBM JVM.

+review REVIEW-5533

fix checkstyle issue

remove getTaskPath from InternalJvmTestExecutionDescriptor api

+review REVIEW-5553

simplify SubscribableBuildActionRunner

+review REVIEW-5553

Add userguide outputs as task inputs of integration tests

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Propagate build failures through to Play application

- register/start split apart in DeploymentHandle

- DeploymentHandle has a new 'newBuild' method to allow handles to add

listeners to new builds

- PlayRun only starts and reloads deployments now

- registration of deployment handle is now in the Play application plugin

- name of deployments is based on the binary name

+review REVIEW-5571

Add an example about how to create a binary specific source set

+review REVIEW-5567

Delete files that were accidently added during merge conflict

Remove open issue for "gradle tasks"

+review REVIEW-5554

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Do not fail when getting task dependencies, only when executing the task - fail only for `getFiles` - allows `gradle tasks` to execute even if a dependency is not resolvable

+review REVIEW-5554

fix sibling source folder references in eclipseproject model

Another attempt at normalizing line endings.

+review REVIEW-5556

Tweaks to test for binding failures due to format change.

+review REVIEW-5556

Configure classpath per sourceset

Add open issue about what port number to use when debugging with the gradle runner.

Add some detail to the test kit around isolation.

Normalise line separators.