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Rename FileFingerprint -> FileSystemLocationFingerprint

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Merge pull request #6329 from gradle/guylabs/upgrade-scan-plugin-to-1.15.2

Upgrade build scan plugin to 1.15.2

Use setup/cleanup instead of rule

since the setup/cleanup method will be called by retry rule, while

the rule won't be re-instantiated again.

Enable locking for buildscript classpath

This is the shortest solution that works but still requires polishing.

* Make sure the configuration name cannot clash with a similar name in

the project

Issue #5845

Upgrade build scan plugin to 1.15.2

Some more renames

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Remap types in stack map frames

Groovy 2.5 adds these

Refine task-dependencies sample

Rename PhysicalSnapshot -> FileSystemLocationSnapshot

So the naming is similar to what we use in the Provider domain.

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Merge pull request #6241 from gradle/wolfs/file-system-mirror/snapshot-renames

Move snapshotting files to own package

Merge pull request #6325 from gradle/wolfs/file-system-mirror/test-for-4204

Add a test for consistent handling of root directories between `@InputFiles` and `@InputDirectory

Add test for child files of dir not showing up in incremental inputs first time

Signed-off-by: Alex Saveau <>

Add a kotlin library build init plugin type.

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Address review comments

Add a test for #4204

This has been fixed by the file system refactorings.

Publish 4.10-20180810060900+0000

Merge branch 'release'

Add dedicated chapter on directory layout

- Describe rough structure of Gradle user home and project root


- Document cache cleanup strategies

- Point to user guide from release notes

Resolves #6063.

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Disable scan plugin <= 1.15.1 if Kotlin script build caching is used (#6323)

DO NOT MERGE. Temporarily fix JS for multi-lang samples to work locally

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Don't address task input directories for now and get all tests passing

Signed-off-by: Alex Saveau <>

Show current idea and start fixing tests

Signed-off-by: Alex Saveau <>

Merge pull request #6257 from gradle/dd/dependency-insight/force-with-constraint

Better support for forced versions in dependency insight

Merge branch 'release'

Fix IDE integration

The fix makes sure the proper library versions are used.

Add @since tag

Rebaseline RealWorldNativePluginPerformanceTest

All scenarios seem to be slower on `master` now. The one with the

biggest regression is

`build on nativeMonolithic with 0 parallel workers`.

That regressed about 3%.

Let's investigate!

Merge pull request #6310 from gradle/wolfs/file-system-mirror/xforms-with-absolute-path

Use absolute path sensitivity for transform inputs

Make ktlint happy

Signed-off-by: Paul Merlin <>