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reworded contributing to docs.

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reworked community page.

Removed the old roadmap and development wiki links.

minor wording

shuffling of community links.

Removed the user mailing list links.

Removed a bunch of stuff from the 'lock timeout' error message.

Switch on the DistributionIntegrationTest again.

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DaemonDisappearingProcessSpec is getting stuck on the windows build. Ignore it for now.

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Changed the internal and client module resolvers to extend AbstractResolver instead of BasicResolver, to simplify slightly.

Replaced the global artifact cache lock with a lock per artifact file.

Try again with the start script task.

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Actually generate the start scripts.

Some style changes.

added some tasks for checking out the roadmap into the “installed” version of the site.

Renamed the status board to roadmap and added a link.

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make logo smaller

Introduced custom task for start script generation.

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Spelling error correction on 'development' in web site content

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Introduced builadble File collections for docs and startup scripts to remove explicit dependencies of the distribution tasks.

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These don't need a name any more.

Changed some int tests and samples to use new repo dsl methods.

Fixed some warnings.

Fix to stop adding '\.' to the end of the daemon working directory each time the daemon runs a build.

Fixed some warnings.

Include the output of jps -lvm in the 'lock timeout' error message.

Fixed a warning.

Removed unused dependency.

Use maven central only to get scala compiler.