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Cache dependency substitution application

Run test only on Oracle JDK

Address code review comments

Do not run test on Java 9

Revert "Increase timeout for long running functional tests"

This reverts commit f32f44adc8af3bec60f4466ae1f6a0781fde0f86.

Do not override o.g.integtest.versions with default if it is already set

The value is also set in crossVersionTest.gradle

Do not override o.g.integtest.versions with default if it is already set

The value is also set in crossVersionTest.gradle

Make importsAreIncludes a propertyState

Relocatable -bootclasspath for Java compilation (#3002)

CompileOptions.bootClasspath is a single string, which is now replaced with a proper FileCollection property called bootstrapClasspath.

Use immutable sets/lists as keys in caches

This makes comparison faster, as we don't have to re-compute the hash of the sets for every candidate match.

Change name of discover inputs task

Check for validation message

Cache id, name and group exclusions to enable faster merging

This commit adds a cache for id, name and group exclusion specs. This allows faster merging because comparisons will more likely

fall into `==` instead of relying on `equals`.

Fix test on Windows

Make bootclasspath and bootstrapClasspath interoperate

Add deprecation warnings for CompileOptions.bootClasspath

Explain reason for not declaring the booclasspath as compile classpath

Test boot classpath usage

Fix more integration tests

Polish `OptionalDependenciesHandler`

Allow for adding artifacts to mavenPlugin and ivyPlugin publications

Without requiring the use of a software model rule source.

By making the existing plugin publishing rules use `maybeCreate`

instead of `create` when creating the plugin publications.

See #2612

Add tests for incremental cpp build

Cache module identifiers

Merge branch 'master' into pm/plugins-dsl/script-plugins

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    • +3
Script plugins applied using plugins {} can use mixed scripting languages

Fix some integration tests

Fix flaky tests caused by accidental cache hit (#3025)


When two tests happen to be assigned the same port number, the cache

is hit by accident. This result in different control flows and flaky tests.

Add Verbose console type (#2933)


This PR adds a console type 'verbose' to display all tasks' header regardless of whether that task generates output.

Increase timeout for long running functional tests

Looks like AllVersionsCrossVersion for toolingApi is hitting this

timeout on Windows since the 4.2 release.

Explicitly ignore incoming build receipts in sanity check

There may be a stale build receipt file in the working directory from

another build further down the pipeline that ran on the agent before.