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+review REVIEW-6123

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Merge pull request #602 from mkornipati/2.5-rup-01

Gradle 2.5 and above ignoring excluded dependencies in genereated ivy.xml

Disable perf ad-hoc tests for build scans

Mention contributor in release notes

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Merge pull request #675 from ebourg/patch-2

Compatibility fix for BouncyCastle >= 1.52

Mark java9IntegTest as integration test

Always add integTest for now, as build splits depend on it

Remove unused import

Added `@Incubating`.

Inlined a method to remove some duplicate logic.


Removed `ExtensionContainerInternal` type. It is not used for anything.

Moved composite build integration tests into a separate subproject

Moved composite build test fixtures into common subproject

Renamed composite build test fixtures

- CompositeBuildTestFixture -> BuildTestFixture

- ProjectTestFile -> BuildTestFile

Change command line debug test to block when port is open

+review REVIEW-6120

Mark remaining 3.0 stories as done

Don't override the logging level for included builds

Merge branch 'release'

Simplify code

+review REVIEW-6055

Fix cross version tests for Java 9

We didn't take 2.14.1 into account. The

code could even be simplified. Now we are

Java 9 compatible if the version is bigger than


Remove Map property from plural task output docs

+review REVIEW-6055

Release note: no more chaining TaskInputs/Outputs

+review REVIEW-6010

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Revert deprecating plural task output annotations

We need a better solution before committing to a public API.

+review REVIEW-6010

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Move template wiring code to performance test infrastructure

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Polishing of cache reserved heap setting

- Fork new daemon when a different cache reserved setting is provided

- Add ".mb" onto the system property to make the units clear

- Add a section to the release notes

+review REVIEW-6098

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Revert "Exclude milestone releases from cross-version testing"

This reverts commit 204ea26e26e54c94bc7bca804f9d91332df4ad41.

Revert "Milestone builds can't be a most recent release in cross-version tests"

This reverts commit c675c9309946bbae2e21f204029897dbecf8c0a9.

Exclude milestone releases from

Extract file collection snapshot comparison

This is a better way to organize the code.

+review REVIEW-6114

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