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Fix concurrency bug in `HttpClientHelper`

The HTTP context should not be shared by several requests, or it just breaks when requests are done in parallel.

This explains the failures seen with `NTLM` authentication, but not only: there were more failures with `BASIC`

authentication too (and probably random other failures).

This commit changes the `HttpContext` so that we create a new one per request, in case we don't use authentication,

and if we do, then requests cannot be done in parallel (until we find a proper fix). This removes the special case in


Rename `requiresDownloadedArtifactFiles` to `canPerformPreemptiveDownload` to better reflect the intent

Document lack of signing capability in maven-publish plugin

Remove now unused type

Make use of Maven/Ivy HTTP test fixtures

See: gradle/gradle#1584

Remove unnecessary indirections added along the way

Add Jacob Ilsoe as contributor and mention zinc upgrade in release notes

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Merge branch 'pr/1501'

Ignore test that includes Kotlin script in certain environments

Add @LeaksFileHandles

See: gralde/gradle#1313

Simplify `CacheOperationStack` now that we don't need long running operations

Fix bug in `useCache`

If an exception was thrown during `onStartWork`, we wouldn't release the ownership. As a consequence, some processes could

deadlock, and a spurious "lock owned by a different thread error" could be thrown.

Reword documentation

+review REVIEW-6488

Fix BuildActionRunner chain by extracting execution validation

Add test for receiving maven metadata download build operation events

Fix Windows test failure

Remove unecessary semi-colon

Link to clarifying section about task inputs/outputs

+review REVIEW-6488

Clarify task inputs and outputs for caching

+review REVIEW-6488

Address review feedback for build cache userguide

+review REVIEW-6490

Add test for #1641 using the ‘maven’ plugin

Document how to set up an HTTP build cache

+review REVIEW-6490

Remove unnecessary tooling API version restrictions

Remove `longRunningOperation` from `CacheAccess`

Following the work to perform finer grained locking of the artifact cache, the long running operations are

not required anymore. This commit removes the `longRunningOperation` methods from `CacheAccess` and derivative classes,

but doesn't yet remove the logic in `DefaultCacheAccess` that handled the long running operations so that they

work properly in cross-process mode.

Merge branch 'release'

Make sure to run test with a clean test distro directory

If the test is retried, the directory might not be empty.

Added some initial support to honour the producer's schema when selecting a particular variant of something.

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Avoid version parsing on compare by exposing only interfaces that support pre-parsed versioned

Each compare operation parses the version, causing significant object allocation and GC pressure during version sorting.

  1. … 16 more files in changeset.
Changed the relationship between `DefaultAttributesSchema` and `ComponentAttributeMatcher`, so that the consumer and producer schemas are first merged into a single 'effective schema' which is then passed to the matcher, and which describes a combined view of the attribute matching.

This will allow caching of matches to be applied based on the effective schema schema, which is almost always the same across all projects in the build (and builds within a composite), but also deal with the case where the producer may have a different view of the world to the consumer. This caching isn't present yet.

Reduce overhead of numeric part passing (#1600)

- Remove regular expression in favor of Guava Longs.tryParse

- Parse numeric parts once when DefaultVersion is constructed