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Draft gradle --status to display pid, version and status of running daemons. +review REVIEW-6064

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Polishing of daemon documentation

+review REVIEW-6028

Fix daemon connector tests and address review feedback. +review REVIEW-6060

Improve the process for patching external module dependencies

- Exclude duplicate dependencies that are in the core-runtime configuration

- Patch particular modules by name

Add Starting Daemon and Connecting to Daemon to Progress logging. +review REVIEW-6060

Integration test for TestNG classpath issue.

Patch external module jars when resolving them into the runtime

External module jars need to be patched in order to update the

* file, which is required to load into the service

registry. Patching these in the distribution is insufficient, since the

patched versions are also required to run integration tests.

Remove TestNG tests running for Java 5

Compiling these with Java 9 is not supported - so I removed the targetCompatibility setting

from the Sample and removed the Test having 1.5 targetCompatibility from TestNGIntegrationTest

Java 5 support has been dropped in Gradle 3.0 and we have sufficient test coverage for TestNG

without these tests.

+review REVIEW-6057

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Merge commit last successful stage 5 master build into dependent-components

* commit '051e97ec57f03093d58901201364cb73ec916cc5': (58 commits)

Capture daemon stop when given --stop. +review REVIEW-5986

Polish `distributions.gradle`

Patch classpath manifest of external modules

Keep workaround until the wrapper is bumped to include the fix

Shorten daemon stopped messages in lifecycle logging and move details to info logs. +review REVIEW-5986

Revert "Remove duplicate publication in tooling-api project"

Use 'last-wins' strategy when publishing artifact configurations

Fix more review comments in SmokeTests

Mention BND upgrade in release notes

Ignore PmdIntegration tests for 9 tests

Add comment to outstanding deprecation for Gradle 3.0

Adapt to upgraded BND manifest version

Upgrade BND library to latest version

Ignore the remaining failing Java 9 tests

Use Java 9 compatible ClassReader for ValidateTaskProperties

Use Java 9 compatible ClassReader for DefaultClassDependenciesAnalyzer

Checkstyle and Codenarc plugins are already applied by codeQuality.gradle

Ignore more tests for Java 9

Propagate Java 9 Home to the java9 Test task

Ignore more tests against Java 9


Just ignore that test on java9.

- Java9 doesn't allow you to count on being able to see nearly as many

things through the system `ClassLoader` as you could with previous

versions of Java. So, it doesn't make sense for us to require that

our `FilteringClassLoader` be able to see this particular resource.

Fix NPE in AvailableToolChains fixture

Load script class in a child ClassLoader of the buildscript ClassLoader

See #63

Polish `BuildScriptExtractionTest`

- Extract method

Fix tests to work with Java 9

- JUnitConsoleLoggingIntegrationTest and TestNGConsoleLoggingIntegrationTest: The stacktrace now includes internal Java 9 Reflection API:

at jdk.internal.reflect.NativeConstructorAccessorImpl.newInstance(java.base@9-ea/

at jdk.internal.reflect.DelegatingConstructorAccessorImpl.newInstance(java.base@9-ea/

- Javadoc-Tests:

There is no toolsJar for Java 9 - tests work without that.

+review REVIEW-6057

Fix Groovy dependency issue on smoke-test.

+review REVIEW-5995

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Impement proper script dependencies resolver

Graph output on circular dependencies error is on par with the report

+review REVIEW-6059

Move construction of build scoped terse name to DependentComponentsUtils

+review REVIEW-6059

Close all references to Statement and Result to avoid leaking DB file

Activate running tests for Java 9

+review REVIEW-6057

Dependent components report fail gracefully on circular dependencies

+review REVIEW-6059

Properly close parenthesis

Fix IncrementalJavaCompileIntegrationTest for Java 9

+review REVIEW-6057

Close underlying InputStream to avoid leaking files

Fix the JvmTest to work with Java9.

Polish `distributions.gradle`

Activate JUnit integration tests for Java 9

+review REVIEW-6057

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Handle the exclusions where they belong.

Fix JavaLanguageIntegrationTest for Java 9

+review REVIEW-6057

Make the new jvm model work with java 9

Some tests are still failing and need to be investigated.

+review REVIEW-6057