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Add some more assertion methods to `ExecutionResult` and change several tests and utility methods to use these methods instead of reimplementing the logic.

Clean up test fixtures, add more context to error messages, add some test coverage.

Don't log excessively and without task attribution when maven publishing (#4758)

There are two changes here:

1. Propagate the task build operation ref to the threads used by Aether to transfer to/from maven repositories so that we attribute the logging to the publish task.

2. When we fail to find metadata before uploading, log at info instead of error. This is not an error condition.

Make the parallel mode test fixtures less special and instead reuse more of the behaviour of the base fixtures.

Fix `ExecutionResult` task assertion methods to handle build output containing task output that is spread across more than one group.

Add more context to error messages when these assertion methods fail.

Add comprehensive test coverage for version selector merging

Mention console changes in release notes.

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Add more diagnostics to assertion failures.

Change some int tests to use test fixture assertion methods instead of checking set contents, as the assertion methods can supply more diagnostics on failure.

Use correct assertion method in int test.

Fix int test for changes to test fixtures.

Fix soak test for changes to log output.

Fix build output validation on Java 9.

Fix MSBuild output scraping.

Loosen int test expectation.

Change int test to verify that https request did not proceed on authentication failure by using the http server fixture rather than looking for stack traces in test process output.

Print task header when task status changes

Consider all selectors when merging version ranges

With an improved implementation of `SelectorStateResolver` we now

provide consistent resolution for selectors regardless of the order

they are received.

This change also detangles the 'currentSelection' state from the

resolution of the module selectors: all selectors are considered

equal and resolved in order to determine the best possible version.

Add unit test coverage for SelectorStateResolver

Fix test so that it verifies behaviour we want

Fix various cross version tests for changes to log output.

Temporarily disable a couple of test expectations to unblock CI.

Fix Visual Studio int tests.

Fix Visual Studio int tests.

Fix extraction of Gradle build result from MSBuild output.

Fix Visual Studio int tests.

Change MSBuild test fixture to extract the result of zero or more Gradle invocations from MSBuild output.

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Fix int test for changes to test fixtures.

Add some trace to error message.

Change Tooling API provider to generate the same output as the plain console does.