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Merged `AbstractNativeCompileTask.objectFileDirectory` property into `objectFileDir`, changing its type to `DirectoryVar`. This is a breaking change.

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The methods on `Provider` no longer require `@Internal`.

Added conveniences to the Groovy DSL for setting a property of type `PropertyState<Directory>` or `PropertyState<RegularFile>` using a `File` instance.

Explicitly declare org.gradle.util classes

Add deprecation warning for org.gradle.util package default import

Add contributors

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Handle new state

Remove unused import

Try to get CI green

Add more inputs to the task

This makes the test fail on every second/third time or so.

Add tests that cover broken server behavior

Fix test flakiness

Improve incremental app test fixture (#2831)

Improve incremental app test fixture

Do not check other repositories if presence of module cannot be determined

Add a test for corrupted test

Update performance charts and description of release notes performance bit of preamble

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Convert userguide to asciidoc: nativeBinaries - playPlugin (#2864)

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Move WindowsKit detection to an abstract class

Add maven-publish example and tests.

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Fix assertions and add more test cases

Some reworking of Daemon user guide chapter

Remove snapshots after persisting the task history (#2870)

When Gradle is aborted after removing the obsolete snapshots but before

persisting the new execution snapshot then the old task history cannot

be loaded any more and we may experience problems as in

Remove recommendation of no-daemon on CI

Turn `ConflictResolution` into an enum

The previous implemention was an adhoc enum, using an interface and concrete

classes. Probably code written pre-enum era.

Reduce/confine the mutability in build operation notification bridge.

Add test that verifies build scans can see init script application.

Add some since and such to things used by build scans.

Updated release notes to mention changes to `@Input` and breaking changes to native tasks.

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Changed the XCTest plugin to use the project directory as the working directory for test execution, for consistency with the JVM tests.

Also wired in the `test` task as a dependency of `check` (and `build`).

Changed `AbstractNativeCompileTask.compilerArgs` and `AbstractLinkTask.linkerArgs` to have type `ListProperty<T>`, instead of `List<T>`, to allow their values to be calculated from other model elements and other sources.