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Rebaseline first use performance tests

We added a small overhead required for cache correctness. Since

the regression is minor and only affects the first use scenario,

we decided to accept it.

Merge branch 'release'

Update build scan plugin to 1.7.2

Upgrade the Build Scan Plugin to 1.7.2 and un-ignore related checks

Polish AbstractTask some more

+review REVIEW-6534

Rebaseline performance test

This test has been failing since its introduction. There's no easy way to mitigate the regression,

so we decided to rebaseline for now.

Validate @DelegatesTo

Polish AbstractTask

+review REVIEW-6534

Fix integration test

+review REVIEW-6534

Track original class name for task action’s defined in Groovy scripts

+review REVIEW-6534

Write end time instead of start time in operation tree.

Attempt to resolve an artifact only once per configuration (including all views of the configuration). If the resolution fails, collect the failure and rethrow when queried again later.

Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/release'



Better images for release notes

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    • +2
Removed some duplication that is no longer required.

Rename progress.BuildOperationType to BuildOperationCategory

Added back a hack that makes IDE model generation work with composite builds.

Address release notes review feedback

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    • +8
Removed unused field.

Fixed int tests for changes to file dependency ordering.

Test fix for change to build scan config init.

Use license value, not description for Bundle-License in OSGi

fixes #2056

Only warn about missing build scan plugin once.

Previously, we would warn for each nested build.

Change the sysprop from `org.gradle.operations.internal.trace` to `org.gradle.internal.operations.trace`.

Change the sysprop from `org.gradle.operation.trace` to `org.gradle.internal.trace`.

Reworked the collection of file dependencies during dependency graph traversal, so that the files from these dependencies are ordered the same way as other kinds of dependencies, rather than always ordering these files at the start of the result.

Update documentation

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Fix flakiness in build cache clean-up test

Document new unexpected behavior due to logging changes

Move some composite build services from build session scope to execution scope

- This allows continuous build to work with composite builds