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Run only integration tests with Java 9 (not Gradle itself)

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TeamCity change in 'Gradle :: Promotion' project: artifact dependencies of 'Start Release Cycle' build configuration were updated

TeamCity change in 'Gradle :: Util' project: Versioned settings configuration updated.

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TeamCity change in 'Gradle :: Promotion' project: Versioned settings configuration updated.

TeamCity change in 'Gradle :: Promotion' project: Versioned settings configuration updated.

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Bump ci-health plugin versions to v0.37

Trigger build cache comparison builds on each commit

#2212 perform verification in doLast { ... }

Tag stage builds

Bump ci-health plugin versions to v0.36

Set correct project name

Do not use reflection for instantiating build type classes

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Make CI build model configurable

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Add package declarations

Add a reduced version of the pipeline for build cache statistics

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setting annotation processor classpath in scala compile task Issue: #1498

Test fix.

Add a result type for the “disable build cache service” operation.

Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/release'

Mark build events test as NotYetImplemented

Additional test coverage for 'discovered' dependencies in composite builds

Remove unused field from integration tests

Add tests for configuration-time resolve in composite builds

Test buildListener events for included builds with internal (compileOnly) dependencies

Test taskGraph.whenReady in a composite

Calculate task graphs for all included builds before commencing execution

This change allows us to determine more of the required tasks up-front, rather

than relying on discovery of these tasks during build execution. For example,

transitive `compileOnly` dependencies will now be determined prior to

executing tasks in any build.

In doing so, we greatly reduce the number of cases where a build may

be executed twice in a single invocation. This is largely now limited


- An included build producing a plugin artifact as well as an artifact

required as a task input

- An included build that provides 2 outputs, one that is resolved at

configuration time and another as a regular task input

- Using the IDE generation tasks combined with another task that uses

an included build output.

Move ExceptionAnalyzer up to BuildTree scope

#2212 add test for first bom wins

Polish samples

- Specify repositories last

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Take advantage of newly introduced `kotlin("jvm")` plugin spec

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