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Simplify kotlin-dsl-plugin-bundle plugin

by using a simple function to configure gradlePlugin and pluginBundle

extensions, alleviating ordering problems caused by upstream publishing

configuration changes in java-gradle-plugin plugin after making

publishing {} not a @DeferredConfigurable anymore.

Add complete example to maven-publish chapter in User Guide

The complete example is added as the last section of the chapter and

showcases how to put together the pieces documented in detail in the

previous sections:

- publications including POM customization and custom artifacts

- repositories including conditional URL based on project version

- signing the published artifacts

Resolves #5094.

Honor nested `afterEvaluate` requests

By doing a sort of fixed-point iteration on `notifyAfterEvaluate`

until no more `afterEvaluate` listeners are registered.

See #3411

Increase buildSrc xmx to 2500m

Increase Gradle build xmx to 2500m

Merge pull request #5194 from gradle/lptr/core/fix-composite-file-collection-performance

Fix CompositeFileCollection performance

Fix CompositeFileCollection performance

The iterator() method was calling getSourceCollections() twice for no good reason. This is fixed now.

Document POM customization using new DSL instead of withXml()

This commit removes the documentation for POM modification, i.e. withXml()

completely because its usage is discouraged. Instead, the new dedicated

DSL for POM customization should be used.

Issue: #5094

Update publishing section now that Publish plugins support signing

From 4.8 on, the Ivy/Maven Publish Plugins will support signing. Thus, they can now be recommended without any restrictions. This commits removes the corresponding sentence and moves them to the top of the list.

Resolves #5164.

Add support for C++ applications to the `cpp-unit-test` plugin, by relocating the `main` symbol from the object files of the application under test. Change the `UnexportMainSymbol` to be more idiomatic and the `runTest` task to be incremental.

Move some test coverage so that it is applied to both the XCtest and C++ unit test plugins.

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Convert `JsoupPlugin` to precompiled script plugin

Convert `PublishPublicLibrariesPlugin` to precompiled script plugin

Fix KDoc link

Convert `JmhPlugin` to precompiled script plugin

Polish `buildSrc/build.gradle.kts`

- Compose method

Polish use of final parameter in JavaPlugin when configuring JavaDoc

Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/sg/lazy/java'

* origin/sg/lazy/java:

Add a test to assert that we do not configure too many tasks with the Java plugin

Use createLater to create more tasks for Java plugins

Make Java plugins use lazy task APIs

Move most important point to the top (#5186)

Augment, don't overwrite, `kotlinOptions.freeCompilerArgs`

Plugins might want to add their options as well.

Polish `buildSrc/build.gradle.kts`

- Let it breath

Upgrade `buildSrc` to `kotlin-dsl` 0.17.2 and renable ktlint

Fix publishing after last wrapper update

by accounting for publishing {} not being @DeferredConfigurable anymore

and using afterEvaluate {} instead

Remove coordination service from task execution plan

The callers of methods on the execution plan need to take care of

proper synchronisation.

Publish :provider-spi and :provider-plugins

Add gradle-kotlin-dsl-provider-plugins module to optional extensions classpath

Fix NPE in RestartEveryNTestClassProcessor.stopNow() (#5145)

* Fix NPE in RestartEveryNTestClassProcessor.stopNow()

* Add test verifying RestartEveryNTestClassProcessor.stopNow() after stop() does nothing

Introduce empty :provider-spi and :provider-plugins projects

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Merge branch 'master'

Simplify TaskExecutionPlanParallelTest

Polish Release Notes

- Add link to Signing Plugin

- Use same indentation as in other examples

- Use "Ivy/Maven Publish Plugin" instead of "Ivy/Maven Publish_ing_ Plugin"

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