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Deprecated GradleLauncher.getFactory() for removal in Gradle 2.0.

Deprecated GradleLauncher.newInstance() and createStartParameter() for removal in Gradle 2.0.

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Inject GradleLauncherFactory into GradleBuild type rather than use static GradleLauncher methods.

Fixed hard-coded location of GCC 3 to match

REVIEW-2530: Inject a MetaDataParser into ExternalResourceResolver

- wrapped ivy's ModuleDescriptorParser in custom MetaDataParser API: still leaks a lot of ivy concepts, but hides a bit.

- Inject MetaDataParser via DependencyManagementServices

Flipped the relationship between DefaultGradleLauncherFactory and GlobalServicesRegistry, so that now the GradleLauncherFactory is just another global service.

Fixed routing of Ivy messages via our logging system. Was broken in recent refactor of handling of Ivy instances.

REVIEW-2527: Use a map to detect duplicate versions

REVIEW-2525: Re-separated the LegacyDependencyResolver wrapper from the adapter used for internal parsing

REVIEW-2525: Moved calculation of resolver id into ExternalResourceResolver

- Generated id has not changed

Deprecated a couple of unused classes for removal in Gradle 2.0.

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Updates to the Gradle 2.0 spec.

Some javadoc updates.

Added more @Deprecated annotations to the open API and mention in the release notes.

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Wrap artifact resolution in an Ivy context and removed the contextualizing wrapper for each resolver.

Ensure that all C++ toolkits are tested for a platform

Previously we were ignoring C++ toolkits that weren't available, meaning that a CI build could pass without any C++ tests running.

Now we're executing the C++ tests for all toolkits defined for a platform.

I expect this to fail for the windows agent where C++ toolkits aren't installed. Will also fail for unknown OS

- CppTestExecution is always enabled for toolkit on platform

- Added TestExecution.assertCanExecute() to allow a build to gracefully fail when toolkit not available

- Only run TestExecution.before()/after() when the tests will actually get executed (not for initialization failures)

Corrected issue number linked in release notes

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Mark all of the Open API as deprecated. The entry points were deprecated ages ago. This just makes it clearer that the Open API is deprecated.

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Small fixes on the documentation.

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REVIEW-2449: make sample snippets in configurationcontainer autotested;

- don't use 'usequitelogging' flag in autotests to detect deprecation warnings;

- fix another autotested snippet in TestNGOptions

Reworked handling of `Ivy` instances so that each thread resolving or publishing is given its own instance.

- Should fix publishing in parallel execution mode and allow us to use some finer-grained locking during resolution.

- Instances are recycled as the IvySettings instances are relatively expensive to create.

Added Transformers.toTransformer() to adapt an Action to a Transformer.

Improve/correct the docs for duplicate handling.

GRADLE-2821 - Handle reporting on test tasks that ran no tests.

If all test tasks to be reported on have no results, then the test report task is skipped.

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REVIEW-2521: Some cleanup on archive test fixtures;

- Replace TarTarInputStream instead of TarFileTree (remove core dependency in internal-integ-testing)

- rework ZipTestFixture

- reuse ZipTestFixture in JarTestFixture

- verify service type and service impl in jar files

Inlined some stuff into ResolveIvyFactory, to remove some usages of IvySettings.

Deprecated a bunch of constants from ArtifactRepositoryContainer.

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Attempt to fix C code compilation with VisualCpp

Reduced log level for messages that inform about the file lock contention events.